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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bill Belichick May Be A Jerk But He’s Also A Football Genius : PossibleRule Changes Ahead For NFL

Whether you love or hate New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick you ought at least recognize the man’s football smarts. He may be a jerk but he is a student and historian of the game, if you truly respect the game of American Football you should acknowledge this. I will not get into the Spygate controversy as everything that could be said on that manner has already been said. And however morally deficient the practice indeed was, the win-at-all-costs mentality bears the same sour complexion as dubious badguy bullies of numerous 1980s movies, it would be unfortunate if that incident forever tarnished his overall legacy as a coach and strategist.

Goodell didn’t help matters by having the tapes destroyed; he only helped to pour gas on the VHS flames (see what I did there?). I wonder if Goodell burned them himself in an old wino barrel in his cold and vast Kafka-colored office in creepy NFL headquarter catacombs. I wonder is Goodell watched the plastic bubble and stink as black smoke rose in noxious wisps from the destroyed evidence, evidence the little person like you and I will never know. But I digress. All of that aside I say this without a trace of bitter football-hate, besides being a Steeler fan first and foremost I am also an unabashed lover of this stupid little Bread & Circus distraction called American Football, and I recognize in Belichick a coach not unlike Chuck Noll for the no nonsense manner in which he runs his team, and the method he employs to coach his athletes.

I believe it is also good for the NFL that Bill Belichick is a part of their competition committee. Belichick recently brought up a damn good point regarding the extra point. The PAT is successful 99.6% of the time. There is no other stat in any other sport that is so overwhelmingly high. In a sport where a quarterback who flexes a 60% completion rate is doing a damned good job, 99.6% becomes the sum of a frivolous exercise.

Belichick argued, ”I would be in favor of not seeing it be an over 99 percent conversion rate. It’s virtually automatic. That’s just not the way the extra point was put into the game. It was an extra point that you actually had to execute and it was executed by players who were not specialists, they were position players. It was a lot harder for them to do. It’s not like it is now where it’s well over 99 percent. I don’t think that’s really a very exciting play because it’s so automatic.”

Granted his stance on the extra point may have been fueled by the broken arm Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski suffered in 2012 blocking for a PAT, it makes sense for the overall integrity of the game to not have such a predictable statistic.

John Thomas Menesini


  1. For someone who will not get into the spygate controversy the writer sure did talk about it a lot...

  2. Their kits always seem to be here after they win, or before matches they think they'll win.