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Friday, January 3, 2014

The 49ers may be the strongest Wildcard team in history. NFL Wildcard Weekend predictions.

After finishing the Week 17 strong with a 14-2 results, our standings for the regular season put us at 180-75-1.  That puts us right at our goal of 70% for the season and six picks ahead of the best ESPN Expert at .

Now that the playoff are about to start we have to re-group and determine what direction team are heading as Wild-Card weekend is about to be upon us.
One thing that caught my attention about this weekend is the strength of the Wilcard Teams and the weakness of some Division winners.  This is going to make for a great weekend of games.

Here's my quick look at each match-up:

KC @ Colts - I really like this game because is includes my biggest home run of the season, picking KC to have a great year.  The Chiefs had an easier schedule this season and with the addition of Andy Reid and Alex Smith I knew they were going to be strong.  The Colts surprised me with how strong they were able to play this season, especially with all their injuries.

With the lack of talent at WR and no running game in Indy, I'm going to go with the Chiefs on the road.

Saints @ Eagles - This is going to be a great match-up.  These are two teams that can put up some points, even though the Saints put up fewer on the road than at home.  I really like what there Eagles are doing on offense right now, but can they defense hold up in the playoffs?

I know the Saints have played poorly on the road, but I trust Brees and Sean Payton more than Foles and Chippy.  I have to go with the Saints here, but I don't feel great about it.

Chargers @ Bengals -  Wasn't this game supposed to have the Steelers in it?  The Chargers backed into the playoffs with a miracle win against the Chiefs back-ups, not the strongest case for making a run.  The Bengals have looked great at home, but Dalton has had some bad games throughout the season.

I have not confidence in the Chargers but I always expect the Bengals to slip-up and this game is no different.  My zero confidence pick is the Chargers over the Bengals.

49ers @ Packers -  We'll call this the ratings game, as the network will love the audience it's going to bring.  Two historic teams play, but what do we really know about the Packers?  Rodgers missed a ton of time this season, came back and led the Packers over a bad Bears team with a lucky play.  While Rodgers was able to knock the rust off, he can't fill the holes the Packers have on defense.  The 49ers come in to the playoffs as the second best team in the NFC and maybe the entire league.  They have a strong defense and running game.  If Crabtree can get back to full strength, this team should be a course to play the Seahawks for the right to go to NYC.

I like Rodgers and what he brings but I think the Packers are too damaged on defense, 49ers win.

So, there are my picks.  You'll notice I went all road team, which I do not expect to happen but I wanted to highlight the strength of the road teams this postseason.

For those of us with teams out of it, enjoy the playoffs and then let's turn to the draft.

Good luck!


Scott King

1 comment:

  1. I agree with all but the Chiefs over Indy. Didnt we see this same Colts team beat up the Chiefs a couple weeks ago even with all there issues? And this game is in Indy... prediction Colts win by 10.