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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


If Seattle Wins XLVIII, You Can Thank Marshawn Lynch & Candy

OK, it won’t just be because of Marshawn Lynch & candy, as there are many other variables to weigh. But I am making this proclamation now, setting this in stone, getting it in motion: if Seattle wins XLVIII it will be because of Marshawn Lynch. Of course Denver’s stout run defense has to let that happen. But if the variables tip for Seattle and Marshawn Lynch goes Beast Mode, go ahead and crown him MVP right now.

Marshawn Lynch has made opposing defenses look foolish, he also really likes candy. Lynch was recently interviewed by NFL Japan, where he talked about his love for Skittles and other Japanese candies, of which he eats during games, and sometimes the fans will shower him with said candies after he snaps a few ankles getting into the endzone, just a normal day on the gridiron.

In the AFCCG Denver held New England’s LeGarrette Blount to only 6 yards over 5 carries (1.2 yards per carry if you’re keeping score at home).  ranked the 2013 Denver Broncos Rush Defense 8th overall in the NFL. The Broncos run defense gave up 1626 yards in 2013 (101.6 yds per game). Teams ran on Denver 420 times but averaged 3.9 yards per attempt.  The Broncos ranked defense ranked 24th against TDs, they gave up 15 all year. The Broncos ranked 10th among the leagues defensive units for the number of big plays given up. A ‘big play’ is considered a run over 10 yards. They allowed 40 plays over 10 yards. The Broncos ranked near the top for the amount plays stuffed at or behind the LOS, they accumulated 47 tackles at or behind the LOS for a combined loss of 105 yards. Not bad, yet not perfect.

The Seattle Seahawks ran the ball 52.3% in 2013, and ranked in the top 5 rushing offenses of the NFL, amassing 2,188 yards on the ground. That’s a mighty 4.3 yards per carry avg, and 136.8 yards a game. Marshawn Lynch put down 1257 of those yards over 310 carries (4.2 yds per att),  he also ran for 12 TDs and fumbled the ball 3 times.

We find ourselves set up for a game with more density than the unstoppable force vs. immovable object scenario, and I can’t wait. Get your popcorn ready (or Skittles, if you please) this has the making to be a classic among classics.

The only predictions I will make are these:
If Denver wins, it’s Peyton Manning as MVP
If Seattle, like I said above, look no furthur than Marshawn Lynch

John Thomas Menesini

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