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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


If the Aaron Hernandez thing never happened, do we, the civilians, hear anything about Richie Incognito’s latest hijinks? If Richie Incognito is banned from the league but Sean Payton’s stupid head continues to sully the sidelines are we bearing witness to yet another double standard under Goodell’s reign?

Is Richie Incognito guilty of anything besides being a jerk? I read the transcript of his message to teammate Jonathan Martin and honestly I’ve heard worse from the kitchens I used to work in.  Perhaps I’m jaded but I thought the message was funny, it was dark and NSFW graphic, but funny. People are quick to pull the bully card, and let’s face it bullying is wrong, but is it really bullying when the target is a 6’5 315 lb man? Am I being completely insensitive to Martin’s supposed trauma?

Locker rooms seem to incubate violence, brothers & teammates who together perform in a violent sport and do violent things to one another, things if done as a civilian to a civilian would most likely get you thrown into the clink. Here is where Goodell’s schuyster manner is most revealed. Roger Goodell is trying to dress the convict up in a bow and make the car-crash more family friendly.

The NFL is crooked institution, a multi-billion dollar train wreck disguised as a blue-collar aw-shucks family event. Think about Goodell’s handling of the New England Patriots video-taping controversy, the outcome only relieving Bostonian jerks and Brady sycophants, the rest of us left with a bad taste, yet we keep on giving that big-head boob our hard earned money. Football is crack, of which I am in the grip. I have tattoos on my body representing my team. One day I may have to explain to an interested kid what those strange things on my arm represent. In a time when there is no more football, because face it Kids, the clock is ticking. Baseball will outlive us all.

John Thomas Menesini

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