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Monday, November 4, 2013


Every team has a lunatic-fringe fan base, reactionary and sometimes violent, spoiled, many times misunderstanding the subtlety of the game that they pledge their allegiances. At the first tremors of turmoil they rail and slam fists, cursing to the sports gods or phantom Gms to fire, behead, pinkslip, jettison, burn alive the coaching staff or whoever else the mad fans deem responsible for team woes. They refuse to accept that sports have the same stupid face as life: Ebb & Flow, hit/miss, good bounce vs bad bounce. Our favorite teams mirror the bumpy roads we encounter during our lives.  To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, sometimes you have to be on your back in the gutter in order to look up and see the stars.  To the Pittsburgh Steelers fanbase (of which I am a part) I say this, Mike Tomlin is our coach, and he will be our coach for the next 3 or 4 years. The Rooney’s will not fire a head-coach in the thick of battle; we are neither the Raiders nor the Cowboys. Give Mike Tomlin the chance to find a way out of the darkness, let the man breathe, the true test of a person’s mettle resides in the face of defeat. How we react to adversity and loss is more important than winning, being beaten down tests us, it helps us win when we are ready, in sports as in life. We should stop for a moment and digest this information, put down the mob sticks, and go back to our Monday. And besides, those feathery jerks in Baltimore also lost yesterday, and a Baltimore failure is enough soothing balm to keep this 2-6 Steelers fan burn free. I bleed Black & Gold Rain or Shine. Tical.

John Thomas Menesini

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