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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Eagles and Giants are two struggling franchises. One of these teams needs to step-up and take control of this division. Week 5 picks.

The Eagles are supposed to be setting records on offense and the Giants are supposed to be a solid dependable franchise.  Neither are living up to those expectations.

After a rough Week 3 we were able to get back on track with a 12-3 week 4 performance.  That puts us at 48-15 for the season, better than all of the ESPN Experts.

Week 5 is gives us some more tough match-ups.  Let's stay above .500 this week.

Lions @ Packers - This is a great division match-up the in the NFC North.  The Lions are playing well, but still have weaknesses at WR and DB.  The Packers get their rookie RB this week to help the offense.  I like the Packers at home.

Panthers @ Cardinals - The Panthers are coming off an early bye after demolishing the Giants.  Can the defense hold-up and can Cam get things rolling on offense?  The Cardinals needed some help to win last week and need to get the running game going to help Palmer and the offense.  I'll go with Arizona at home.

Saints @ Bears - This is going to be a great game.  We know about the Saints offense but the defense will determine how far this team will go.  I like with Rob Ryan is doing.  The Bears had a Jay Cutler turnover game last week, but never gave up.  Expect a lot of points in this game.  I'm going with the Bears at home.

Patriots @ Bengals - The Patriots are winning, but we can't really figure out how.  They still don't have any reliable receivers, but Thompkins is showing promise.  Gronk and Glassmendola are still questionable.  The Bengals blew it last week dropping one in the division to the Browns.  Is it too early to start questioning Dalton's abilities?  Patriots continue to win despite their lack of weapons.

Chiefs @ Titans - The Chiefs are off to a great start, surprising many fans, but not me.  I liked what Andy Reid and Alex Smith could do for this team.  Not to mention the offensive talent that was already in place.  They're not putting up record setting numbers, they're just winning games.  The Titans are winning with defense and a conservative offense, with no receivers.  Locker is out and that takes away their one real threat on offense.  I like the Chiefs on the road.

Seahawks @ Colts - The Colts are putting together a solid season and they're still integrating Trent Richardson into the offense.  Andrew Luck isn't flashy, he's just great.  This team is playing well now and building for the future.  The Seahawks are outstanding at home, but they've struggled on the road.  I don't expect Andrew Luck to hand them this game.  Colts win at home.

Jaguars @ Rams - Not much to say here but it the Rams lose they're a joke.  The Jaguars need to sign Tebow, fill the stands and move to LA or London.  Rams better win.

Ravens @ Dolphins - The Ravens are struggling, which is not a surprise to me.  Flacco is a low completion percentage unreliable QB.  The defense is trying to reload.  The Dolphins lost a big one in New Orleans, but that happens to a lot of teams.  I think the Dolphins have a nice thing going in Miami, they just need some more pieces.  Ravens on the road.

Eagles @ Giants - This should be a match-up of two really good teams in the NFC East.  The problem is, they are both playing terrible.  The good news, the entire division is awful this year so anyone can win the division.  The Eagles don't have enough talent to stop teams on defense and the Chip Kelly offense isn't generating enough points.  The Giants are just a mess, it's hard to put it on one thing.  They can't run, block or stop anyone on defense.  I'm interested in this game just to see who can get it together.  Giants at home.

Broncos @ Cowboys - Here's the marque match-up of the week.  Peyton Manning leads the explosive Broncos into Jerry World.  The Broncos are playing for the Super Bowl and just need to keep refining their offense.  The Cowboys should be able to take charge of this division and prove they are a legitimate team.  The problem is, they're not doing that.  Jerry Jones should step down as GM if they lost the NFC East this season.  I like the Broncos.

Texans @ 49ers - The Texans window has closed, they are old and injured now.  The Texans will win some games this year but they're not going anywhere.  So, what happened to Kaep this season?  Are teams figuring him out, is he taking a step back, was he overrated?  I think he has fewer weapons this year and teams are catching up with him.  I still like how this team is built.  I like the 49ers.

Chargers @ Raiders - This isn't a great game.  The Raiders are struggling, but Pryor is fun to watch.  The Chargers are playing better and if they can close games out they'll make some noise in the AFC West. I like SD.

Jets @ Falcons - The Jets aren't terrible, but they're still breaking in a new QB.  WIth the injuries to their already weak WR group isn't going to help things.  The Falcons need Roddy White and SJax to get back to 100% and contribute to this team.  The Falcons win.

Let's keep rolling.


Scott King

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