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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Broncos and Colts will be the most watched regular season game in the history of the NFL. Week 7 picks.

Where to start in the Broncos and Colts game?  Manning comes back to Indy in the middle of a controversy with the Colts mouthy Owner.  The Broncos are on pace to break all of the offensive record.  But, Andrew Luck and the Colts are no push overs.  The Colts are putting together a solid season and look to be headed back to the playoffs.

At the end of the day, the move to Denver worked out well for Manning and the Colts.  I correctly predicted Manning's move to Denver weeks before they were on the radar and I think this solidifies Manning's legacy as one of the top 3-5 QBs of all time.  This game is going to be epic.

After a solid11-4 week 6, we need to keep things rolling.

We're a little under the weather this week at Football Extra Points, so we just have the picks.

Seattle over Arizona
Detroit over Cincinnati 
Carolina over Rams
Atlanta over Tampa
Miami over Buffalo
New England over Jets
Dallas over Philadelphia
Chicago over Washington
San Diego over Jacksonville
San fransisco over Tennessee
Green Bay over Cleveland
Kansas City over Houston 
Baltimore over Pittsburgh 
Denver over Indianapolis 
New York Giants over Minnesota

Good Luck

Scott King

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