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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hoyer's Heartbreak

Thursday Night Football was special to Cleveland in many ways.  It was a chance for a young and improving Browns team to prove on a national stage, that what they had done the last few weeks were not a fluke, and they are for real.  More than that it was a chance for a young nobody to thrust himself into the national spotlight and grab a firm hold on a starting job in the NFL.  The table was set for another chapter in what was turning out to be a Cinderella story.  Brian Hoyer took the field under the lights in Cleveland, in front of his hometown and the world watching ready to "arrive".  Then, in a cruel twist of fate, it all came to a crashing end when early in the first quarter Hoyer scrambled for first down yardage that ended in a questionable hit from linebacker Kiko Alonso that ultimately tore Hoyer's ACL.  That was it.  Season ending ACL surgery will ensure that Hoyer will not get the opportunity he needed, and the browns will more than likely draft a QB in the first round next year and Hoyer may never get another chance.  It's a sad reality in the NFL.  The Browns would go on to win the game, but at great cost.  On the other side of the coin one man's loss is someone else's gain. Brandon Weeden has been given a reprieve from his exile and returns to presumably start the remainder of the season.  It's a crazy game.  Anything can happen at anytime.

Kenneth Obloy

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