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Thursday, October 3, 2013

How was the first game of the year for the Red Wings?

Yes oh yes the hockey season is upon us with some great hockey action taking place on Tuesday it was the Red Wings time to shine on Wednesday.  After sending down Nyquist and waiving and recalling Cory Emmerton the wings were ready to go. Nyquist getting sent back to the AHL was expected at least by mean he was one of only 2 players that could be sent downwithout having to clear waivers. He was sent down not because he played bad but because he was the odd man out and he was the only one that could be sent down. Now don’t go thinking that he will be in the AHL all year I still think Ken Holland will try and Trade a player to make a spot for Nyquist. Added to the fact that injuries will happen and he will be the first one called up, and as us Red Wing fans know Samuelsson is very injury prone and will miss anywhere from 1 to 82 games it’s that un predictable. After a great Pre-season and camp Thomas Tatar didn’t crack the lineuphe was a healthy scratch in favor of Samuelsson.

Which was pretty good for the first game. The Red Wings beat the Buffalo Sabers 2-1 with goals coming from Samuelsson and Datsyuk for the Wings andGirgensons scoring for the Sabers. The Red Wings opened the scoring with on a deflection from anEmmerton shot. Emmerton came down with a shot of the wing and Samuelsson got a good stick on it to get it past Ryan Miller. Datsyuk scored next with a nasty and I repeat NASTY backhand. Girgensons scored off a bad played puck by Red Wings net minder Jimmy Howard. Howard came out to play the puck behind the net but played the wrong way and the puck ended up in front of the net and Girgensons buried it. Overall the Wings controlled the first period the 2nd was 50-50 and the 3rd I felt like was all Buffalo in till a late penalty inthe 3rd put them on the PK. Now my views on all 4 lines and the D pairs. The first line played great Zetterberg and Datsyuk played like Zetterberg and Datsyuk. The 2nd played good Alfredsson Weiss and Franzen seemed to gel. The 3rd line I think was one of the best lines tonight Bertuzzi played like his job was on the line, which it might be with Tatar being a healthy scratch and being hungry to play the first player to start slacking I think will be scratch in favor of Tatar. Andersson played like he played last season which is good thing. The 4th I think played the worst but then again it’s the 4th line for a reason. Minus the Samuelsson goal they played well but not as good as when they scored the goal.

The first Defense pair played well Kronwall had the most ice time out of all skaters And Ericsson played solid even jumping in to a couple of offensive plays. The 2nd pair played good Quincy had a couple of great shots on goal. The 3rd with DeKeyser and Kindl they might be the best offensive d men and Kindl showed by jumping in the plays in the offensive zone.
Now the Goods and the Bads.


Penalty Kill was good even though they face the 29th ranked Power Play last year.
Power Play looked good
Depth scoring.


They took their foot off the gas. After the first goal the only really good chances came of the Power Play.
Penalties, Penalties, Penalties
They faced a couple 5 on 3s and racking up 14 Penalty minutes.
If the Wings fix the small issues they can go far this season.


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