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Friday, October 11, 2013

Gronk, Pats in a tight spot

In the 2010 NFL Draft the New England Patriots selected Rob Gronkowski in the 2nd round and Aaron Hernandez in the 4th.  For the foreseeable future, it looked as if the Patriots stole two potential Hall of Famers and solidified their offense for the rest of Tom Brady’s career.  Brady’s QB rating with the two TE’s from 2010-2012 was about 75. This year minus, the two offensive weapons, Brady’s rating has fallen to a putrid 50.  Brady’s comp % has also dropped from 65% to 57% and falling fast. 
Now, with the latest reports swirling about Gronkowski’s arm might not be healing properly and MAY NOT EVER heal properly.  Tom Brady, Bill Belichick may be going from having the best two TE combo in history to having NOTHING.  If Gronkowski does not play this weekend the rift between the Patriots and Camp Gronk has to be taken more seriously.  How’s that salary restructuring look now, Tommy Boy? HOLY SCHNIKES !!

Rob Fay

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