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Friday, October 25, 2013

Can Arizona find it's way back to .500?

The Cardinals are 3-4 despite the atrocity at the quarterback position. Carson Palmer is sitting there with a sub-70 quarterback rating, and his team is still relevant halfway through the season.

Chalk that up to the defense. A unit that was already good got even better with the return of Daryl Washington three weeks ago. They've posted pretty pedestrian numbers against the pass, but their opponents almost have to give up on the run game. That unit is among the best in that department.

Arizona gets the injury-riddled Falcons at home this week. Matt Ryan gets a lot of flack, but he's one of the best, so this will hardly be an easy game. Atlanta isn't done yet either, so this game is about as interesting as it can be given the losing records of both teams.

If there was ever a game that Palmer could at least look decent, this would be it. The Falcons have allowed at least 23 points in every game.

A win would keep the Cards above water in the NFC west, but lets be honest, San Fran is going to beat the Jags. Seattle is going to be the Rams. Fans in the desert should be rooting for a wild card berth.

Whichever way this one goes, that whole situation will become even more cloudy.

Hashim Horne, NFL junkie
Twitter:  @_SoundTheHorne

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