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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Why Pat White Made the Redskins' Roster

If you didn't know by now, Pat White is back in the NFL.

The former 2009 2nd rounder and West Virginia standout earned a spot on the Redskins' 53-man roster as the fourth quarterback. It's been over three years since White suited up for a regular season game. In his last game, he suffered a concussion and was waived during the ensuing offseason.

Expect his streak of missing games to continue because there's no chance that Mike Shanahan will ever allow four quarterbacks to dress on gameday. He rarely allows three.

Simply put, Pat White is in Washington to run scout team option offenses. The Redskins will see the Eagles twice,  the 49ers, and the Raiders. We all know how things go in Oakland, so don't be surprised if Terrelle Pryor is running the show by week 4.

The second game against Philadelphia is in week 11. In the week that follows, I expect White to be released if he hasn't already been. If he further proves his worth, and Redskins decide to keep him into the offseason, they can trade him for a low draft pick.

If the organization passes on both of those options, White will compete again with Rex Grossman for the third quarterback job, a job I don't see Grossman keeping.

Hashim Horne, NFL Junkie
Twitter:  @_SoundTheHorne

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