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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What to make of week 1

Week 1 Showed us just this, Peyton Manning is getting younger and even smarter than before, Kaep is proving last year was just a preview, Baltimore needs ray as a leader if not anything else, but not to worry because that whole division is pathetic for the moment, Bengals being an exception, Adrian Peterson is a straight beast even though getting stopped for most of the game after that 78 yard start, 8 to 9 in a box, they need a passing game, Pryor is the starter for the raiders for sure and will only get better, Patriots are not going to be a clear division leader, Miami and even the bills yes the Bills will be fighting for it as-well, jets won but yeaa, leave it at that. The Chargers are probably the worst team in the league if not the Jaguars, Seahawks rely on there D, i'll Judge Cam Newton in the 6th week, Redskins will have a long season, Eagles starting fast at 1-0see how they end, Cowboys and Giants, just another Cowboys and Giants game if you ask me. So we end the first week with 63 passing touchdowns, shows defenses aren't ready yet early this season, which is understandable to the max, great week of football, expecting a great NFL season.

Terrell Olive
Rellsportstalk(twitter/facebook like page)

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