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Thursday, September 12, 2013

What might the lines look like for the Detroit Red Wings?

With the Red Wings annual Traverse City training camp right around I’m going to sit down take a look at the roster and see what the lines might look like heading in to camp and in the season.
The Red Wings made a Hugh splash in the off season with the sign of Daniel Alfredsson as well as the signing of Stephen Weiss. Alfredsson a player many thought would never leave Ottawa surprised everybody in the hockey world by leave Ottawa for Detroit he signed a 1-Year $5.5 million contract. Alfredsson left Ottawa for a better chance to win the Stanley Cup in Detroit, Detroit’s is by no means a lock to win the cup but I would say they have a better chance than Ottawa. Stephen Weiss signed a 5-Year $24.5 Million contract to take over the 2nd line center role with the departure on Valtteri Filppula signing a near identical deal with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Where long time Red Wing captain and Detroit sports Legend Steve Yzerman is the GM and was a member of the Red Wings front office for 5 years, And is very familiar with him. Stephen Weiss never really got started last season only playing 17 games and tallying only 4 points, Detroit is banking on him being healthy and being productive. Now for the good stuff the lines, Detroit has 16 forwards on the Roster and with their only being 12 spots on lines the people are going to be left out.

As far as the forward lines go I got

Datsyuk loves play with Abdelkader a guy that goes hard to the net and will get to the dirty areas of the ice.Franzen could be swapped out with Nyquist if he doesn’t produce. I just can’t see Alfredsson not playing with another swede on that line. However that line could change if they don’t produce that means they split up Zetterberg and Datsyuk.

Helm is a big question mark heading in to camp can he stay healthy? If so how long? Helm who many consider to be the best 3rd line center in the league was injured all of last season only playing 1 game. If he can’t go then you bring up Andersson to the 3rd line. The 4th line is tricky they have Tootoo, Bertuzzi, Eaves, And Samuelsson all going for one spot. I say Bertuzzi for his size he all so has a nice scoring touch and some slick shootout moves. He also has some fighting ability and will stand up for his teammate if needed from him. So with the last spot taking that leaves Tootoo Eaves Emmerton and Samuelsson. Tootoo and Eaves have the most trade value if the Red Wings are looking to move anyone. Emmerton could stay on the team as a scratch if Helm goes down again Emmerton can move right in to fill that 4th line center spot. Samuelsson can fill a 3rd or 4th line winger slot if Miller or Bertuzzi go down. Now with Cleary signing a 1-year deal the battle for some of the bottom 6 spots should be great. The Red Wings are now no longer the oldest team in the NHL. The youth movement has started.


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