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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week 2 Preview Jacksonville Jaguars @ Oakland Raiders:

Week 2 Preview Jacksonville Jaguars @ Oakland Raiders:  
9/15/13, 1:00 PM (PST) @ Coliseum, Oakland, California

Nothing is a given in the NFL.  Let's look at what is in store for the Raiders and Jaguars.    

The Jaguars will win if:
Maurice Jones-Drew comes back with a great game.  He found few holes last week and he needs to have a bounce back game.  

Blaine Gabbert has been a huge bust at quarterback so far so many think the serviceable Chad Henne is an upgrade for the injured Gabbert.  He's nothing special but he can make some plays and isn't a bad backup to have.  

The Jaguars have to get a pass rush.  They put little pressure on Alex Smith and allowed several safe passes to be caught.  They had their ups and downs stopping the run and will have to stop the Raider running game and contain Terrelle Pryor.

Jacksonville quarterbacks ran for their life last week with Kansas City's improved defense getting 6 sacks, the offensive line has to protect the quarterback.

The Raiders will win if:
Terrelle Pryor HAS to eliminate his red zone mistakes and the coaching staff needs to remind him every step of the way.  You can't win in the NFL when you struggle scoring touchdowns in the red zone.

I look for Darren McFadden to have a big game running the ball.

The Raiders must get through this game without any major injuries because they have little to no depth. The Raiders lack of talent will be evident if there are injuries.  

The defense needs to continue it's aggressive style and must get to the quarterback and contain Maurice Jones-Drew.  If the Raiders can stop the run, the Jags passing game should be easily stopped.  

I noticed the Raides wide receivers have a terrible habit of catching the ball with their bodies.  Denarius Moore and Rod Streater do this often and that leads to dropped passes.  Moore had a drop on a slant in the end zone which should have been a touchdown if he caught it with his hands.  He caught the next pass for a touchdown.

Many consider the Jaguars to be the worst team in the NFL so a home loss with tough games ahead are unacceptable for the Raiders.  I look for a sluggish start by both teams which will lead to a nice win for the Raiders.    

Final Score:  Raiders 23-Jaguars 13

Jim Jax

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