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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weeden's Future With The Browns Is In Jeopardy

The Cleveland Browns entered the 2013 season hoping, that in his second year, and with a Norv Turner offense more compatible with his skills, that Brandon Weeden could rise to the occasion and become the quarterback that this franchise has desperately needed.  At least that was the perception the team wanted the fans to have.  We learned later that the current regime never had a whole lot of faith in Weeden.  General manger Michael Lombardi was critical of him, and no one in the front office or coaching staff seemed to want to step up and endorse him as "the guy".  

After two lackluster performances (and now an injury), will Brandon Weeden ever see the field again regardless of health?  We are about to find out what the Browns brass really thinks of Brandon Weeden.  If he misses time in his second year after a couple of bad starts it would be very easy to combine that with his age and you would have all the ammunition needed to convince Cleveland fans that its time to "move on".  Of course, that means playing backups, Hoyer and Campbell, the rest of the season and drafting a rookie quarterback the next year.  Was this the plan all along?  Is that why the Browns seemed to sit out this year's draft opting, instead to load up on picks for next year?  I'm not suggesting that the front office wanted him to fail, nor am I suggesting that they are "tanking for the draft" but did they ever believe that Weeden could be the guy?  We will get a clue to the answer here soon when he is cleared to play again.  If I were Brandon Weeden right now, I would be doing everything I could to play ASAP, injured or not because the longer he is out, the greater the possibility becomes that he will never start for the team again.

Kenneth Obloy
@KennethObloy on twitter 

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