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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Washington Redskins “Sent Packing” by Green BayPackers

Lambeau Field was the setting today to host the (0-1) Green Bay Packers and the visiting (0-1) Washington Redskins. Which team would walk away with a disappointing 0-2 start? The answer simply put, the Washington Redskins.

Kevin Durant of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder was on hand in Green Bay Wisconsin in support of his favorite NFL team Washington Redskins, but not even his presence would provide a spark for the Redskins’ porous offense lead by the hobbled Robert Griffin III.  “I bleed Burgandy and Gold” said Durant of his hometown team but by game’s end the Redskins seemed to bleed more red than anything.
The game started with the Packers receiving the opening kickoff and quickly, much like the game last week against the Eagles the Packers got to work.  Inside the Redskin’s territory Rogers hooked up on a pass to WR Randall Cobb for what looked like a go-ahead touchdown pass down the sideline but was returned because the wide receiver stepped out of bounds prior to reaching the end zone.  The Packers would settle for a field goal by K Mason Crosby to put them ahead 3-0 and would never look back.  
By the halftime mark, the Packers were leading 24-0 with QB Aaron Rogers setting a franchise record 335 yards passing and two touchdowns.  At no time in Rogers’ career had he thrown for more than 274 yards in one half, a mark blown away by his performance today.  The Redskins’ RGIII on the other hand went in to the half with one interception and 6 of 13 passing attempts.
Early in the game the Redskin’s defense seemed poised for dominance as LB Ryan Kerrigan and LB Brian Orakpo combined for three sacks on Green Bay QB Aaron Rogers, but the facsade of any defensive inspired performance would quickly fade as the game progressed.  Redskin’s Safety Brandon Meriweatherlead on a helmet to helmet hit against Green Bay’s starting tailback Eddie Lacy and knocked him out of the game with a concussion and subsequently would lead again with a helmet to helmet hit in the second quarter to, in turn exit the game with the same injury when he collided with RB James Starks on a hard sideline hit. Both hits will probably be reviewed by the league especially since the NFL had been faced with the concussion lawsuit by former players in the offseason.
Aaron Rogers continued to put on a clinic on the uninspired heels of the Redskins’ secondary as he threw for two more touchdowns before the game’s end.  He would finish the day setting another franchise record with 480 yards passing, 4 touchdowns and 34 of 42 attempts.  Who would have thought that ultimately it would be former Packer’s QB Matt Flynn’s record that Rogers would surpass?  With no answer to the Packer’s passing attack, the Redskins were left vulnerable to Green Bay’s running game. Running back James Starks of the Packers would add another 132 yards on the ground setting yet again, another Packer’s record where both the QB and RB would combine for over 500 total yards. No time in Packer’s history has a QB passed for 400 yards and a RB rushed for 100 yards in a single game.  No solace to Redskin’s fans when comparing the game in 1983, when the Packers and Redskins combined for over 1,000 yards though Green Bay won that contest 48-47.  Instead the defense for the Washington Redskins in consecutive weeks gave up 1,023 yards on offense and 71 combined points.
This 2013 season marks the first time since 2006 the Redskins have started 0-2; clearly there are concerns on both sides of the ball for Washington.
However much like the week one matchup against the Eagles, the Redskins picked up dead numberslate in the game offensively, and statistically wise Robert Griffin III looked decent finishing the game 24 of 40 for 320 yards and three touchdowns.  Too little too late as the saying goes, and now fans of Washington will have to wait until next week versus the Lions to attempt to redeem themselves.
The Packers win 38-20; not at all close as even the 18-point deficit shows. “Hail to the Redskins,” but at least for today “the Pack is Back” as they even theirseason record to (1-1) in the NFC North. 

By: Ronald A. Edwards

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