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Monday, September 9, 2013

Three step drop for Steelers and Titans game

The Steelers were supposed to return to glory, and the playoffs, this season.  Count me as one that thought things would be improved in Pitt this season.  Is it too early to hit the panic button?

- Step 1 - The Steelers could not run the ball.  They released Dwyer before the season, shocking many a fantasy owner.  Now they lost Stephens-Howling and are in big trouble.  The Steelers are bringing back Dwyer, which should help, but the lost of Pouncey is a huge concern for the running game.

- Step 2 - The Steelers could not pass either.  Big Ben didn't break 200yds and had a pick.

- Step 3 - The defense did hold CJ to 70 yards.  That was a bright spot.  Hopefully the defense is in a position to hold their own.

This offense needs to get things together real fast or they will be competing with the Browns to stay out of the cellar in this division.

Scott King

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