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Friday, September 20, 2013

The Steelers are really heading downhill. Is this season lost already? Week 3 picks.

I picked the Steelers to win their division and really thought they were back this year.  Even with all the injuries I think it's clear, this team needs some rebuilding.

I was able to follow-up my 13-3 Week 1 with a 14-2 performance in Week 2.  Sitting at 27-5, I am two picks better than all of the ESPN Experts (Link).

I am very high on the Chiefs this season and wanted to pick the Thursday night but I felt like I had to go with the Eagles at home.  I'm devastated to start Week 3 at 0-1.  There are some tough picks this week, but let's hope for double digit wins.

Lions @ Redskins - This is a tough game for me to call.  As a Lions fan I try to stay neutral on my assessment of their games.  After watching the Cardinals game for a second time, I saw that the Lions really fell apart on offense.  I'm concerned about their receivers and the ability of Bush to stay healthy. The Redskins are really struggling on defense and RG3 is off to a slow start.  I've gone back and forth on this game several times and I decided to go with the home team and the fact that I don't see the Redskins falling to 0-3.

Giants @ Panthers - This is a match-up of two teams that had higher expectations than 0-2.  The Giants have really struggled on offense and David Wilson failed to step into his starting roll, and for killing fantasy teams.  The Panthers were supposed to take a step forward this season.  The defense is improved but surprisingly the offense is not improving.  It appears that Cam Newton has reached his ceiling.  I tend to favor home teams but I have to go with the Super Bowl winning coach and QB this week.  Giants win.

Packers @ Bengals - Another close match-up.  The Bengals have a solid defense and young talent on offense.  I like where this team is heading, but this is their year to take the next step.  Will Andy Dalton be Eli Manning or Philip Rivers?  The Packers have their high-flying offense rolling and enough defense to win games.  I like the Packers on the road.

Rams @ Cowboys - This should be an easy pick, right?  I'm not so sure.  The Rams are building a legitimate offense if Bradford can make plays.  Is anyone really all-in on the Cowboys this season?  Can they sustain their winning ways all season?  The NFC East is up for grabs, if the Cowboys don't win it this year, they never will.

Chargers @ Titans - The Chargers were supposed to be terrible this season and Philip Rivers is washed up.  The Chargers lost a tough one on opening night to the Texans but followed that up with a win in week 2.  The Titans defense looked stout in week 1, turns out the Steelers offense is terrible.  The Titans have no offensive weapons and a weak QB.  Chargers win on the road.

Browns @ Vikings - The Browns are the worst run franchise in the league.  The Raiders think they are doing the right thing and the Jaguars are, well maybe they Jags are worse.  The Browns not only have a bad QB, but they traded their best player.  This is going to be a long season in Cleveland.  The Vikings have AP and that's about it.  Ponder is terrible.  The Browns have a good defense and that should keep them in the game.  I do not plan to watch any of this game.  Vikings win.

Buccaneers @ Patriots - This is supposed to be an easy game for the Patriots right?  I think not.  The Buccaneers have a good defense but a terrible QB.  Tom Brady needs to figure out how to get these young receivers to catch the ball.  The Patriots need to get Ridley running and Gronk back to get this offense rolling.  The Patriots better win this game.

Cardinals @ Saints - The Saints are off and running again this season on offense.  The Cardinals are playing well with a real QB at the helm.  Saints win.

Texans @Ravens - The Texans were an up and coming team for years.  I think they never really made it to the top and are now headed down.  Foster is worn out at RB and Johnson is getting old.  I think this will be a team that never lived up to expectation.  The Ravens and Flacco are who I thought they were.  Flacco is a low completion percentage QB that cannot convert 3rd downs and extend drives.  With less talent on defense and limited receivers they are in trouble.  Texans win on the road.

Falcons @ Dolphins - The Falcons are down two skill players with White and Jackson out or limited.  Add some key loses on defense and they might be in trouble long term.  The Dolphins are still trying to figure out how to use all of their weapons, but I'm still not a Tannehill fan.  Falcons win.

Bills @ Jets - This game is actually a tough call.  EJ Manual lead the Bills to a huge win last week.  The Bills have some interesting playmakers on offense but the Jets have a legitimate defense.  The Jets offense is nothing special, but this should be a solid game.  Shockingly I'm going Jets.

Colts @ 49ers - The Colts made one of the biggest trades in NFL in years.  Adding TR to the team gives Luck even more firepower.  The 49ers were embarrassed on the road in Seattle, but no one wins in Seattle.  Don't expect too much from TR in his first game against a great defense.  49ers win.

Jaguars @ Seahawks - If the NFL allowed forfeits, I think the Jags might take them up on it.  The Jaguars have to travel across the country to play the best home team in the league.  Not much to say about this game, just a question about how many points the Hawks score.  Seattle wins.

Bears @ Steelers - This is a match-up of two historic teams heading in different directions.  I thought the Steelers would be back in form this year, but they are just terrible.  The offensive line is bad, the running game is bad, the receivers are ok and the TE play is poor.  The Steelers may be heading into a downslide for a few years.  The Bears and Jay Cutler are flourishing under their new coach.  If they can sustain this offensive firepower and keep Cutler upright, they might be able to make some noise this postseason.  Bears win.

Raiders @ Broncos - The Raiders aren't great, but they're actually not terrible.  Pryor is running for his life and able to extend plays and drives.  I think the Raiders are worth watching this season.  The Broncos and Manning are putting up huge numbers and rolling toward the playoffs.  Broncos win.

This is a tough week for me, I hope for double digit wins.

Scott King

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