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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Jaguars should sign Tim Tebow today

The Jacksonville Jaguars are terrible, that is not news.  The fact that they don't have a franchise QB, is not news.  The fact that they cannot fill their stadium is not news.  What is news is that Blaine Gabbert is injured, they need a QB and Tim Tebow is available.

The Jaguars need to face reality.  They are not going to win many games this year and they are in danger of losing their franchise to relocation.  I was at the first game in Jacksonville's history and I was at every game of their first two seasons, so I know this franchise.

The market can barely sustain the franchise and they need a reason to get excited.  How better to get a fan base excited then to bring back home the most popular player in NFL history.  Tim Tebow is available and needs a team.  What did Tebow do the last time he was a starting QB?  Lead a sup-par team to a playoff victory.  Why not put Tebow in the backfield with MJD and see what happens?

The bottom line is the Jaguars aren't winning more than 2 games anyway.  Might as well give Tebow a try.  At least you'll put butts in the seats and get plenty of ESPN coverage.

Scott King


  1. what are they waiting for.He should be signed today!!!!!

  2. I will attend every home game should they sign TEBOW

  3. How could he be soooo good with the Gators and win a Heisman and not be good in the NFL; he needs to be given a proper chance to prove his worth.....

  4. Tebow was interested in the Jags when Denver released him. Now? Moneywise, yes, Tebow would be a draw while he remains uninjured. Linebackers are going to tee-off on his legs because they know he will run. Without a strong OL (Denver had one), he would be injured. Without a huge contract guarantee he could retire on, Tebow should pass Jags up.

  5. Get your facts straight. Tebow was not interested in the Jags when he was traded from Denver. In fact, John Elway gave him the option of where he wanted to go and he chose New York. The Jags even offered a higher draft pick than the Jets. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

  6. You can not tell me that /Tebow would not improve the Jags. YES he would. The Jags piled on a whooping 2 points, wow, I am impressed. Wake up Jacksonville!

  7. Sign Tebow. He is exciting all by himself. Question how exciting r da Jaguar?

  8. I have never physically been to a Jag game; however, if they sign Tebow, I will be there to support him and the team. The GM seems to be a stubborn ass and the owner should step up and over ride him.

  9. Come on!!!!! Jacksonville Tebow can win games and fill your stadium....Get your head out of your AXX!!!!

  10. For the Jags' season so far:
    Points for = 2
    Crossed their own 36-yd line ONCE.
    How worse can it again.

    "He that is down needs fear no fall."



  11. Could it be Tim Tebow has too squeaky clean an image to suit the front office of the Jaguars? I believe Jaguar's football is promoted as a place families can go for entertainment. What better way to accent that image than to bring a devout Christian like Tebow into the lineup?