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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Eagles and Redskins give us a dynamic match-up on MNF. Week 1 picks.

The Eagles have a new coach in Chip Kelly and the Redskins are returning RG3 for the season opener.  MNF doesn't get much better than this in week 1.

After postings a record of 164-92 last season, I'm ready to breakthrough to 70% this season.

We've started off on the right foot by getting the Broncos game right.

Here's a look at Week 1.

Vikings @ Lions - Detroit wins.  This game will give fans for both teams a great picture for their season.  Can the Lions defense stop AP?  Will AP have a great start on 2,500 yards?

Seahawks @ Panthers - Seattle goes on the road and starts their run at the playoffs with a win.  Cam Newton needs to prove that he can lead his team to compete against the NFL elite.

Patriots @ Bills - EJ Manual makes his debut against the greatest coach in NFL history.  I don't think this is going to go well in Buffalo.  Pats win.

Bengals @ Bears - The Bengals want to prove they are legitimate.  Guess what, you get your chance week 1 in Chicago.  Too bad the Bears win at home.

Dolphins @ Browns - I'm actually very interested in this game.  Is the Browns offense for real?  Has Tannehill taken a step forward?  I'm going with the Phins at home, but we'll see where this one goes.

Raiders @ Colts - The Colts will be a better team this year, but not win as many games.  They win this one easy though.

Falcons @ Saints - I love when the NFL gives us these match-ups week 1.  This is a great match-up and will go a long way in determining the winner of this division.  Saints win.

Buccaneers @ Jets - Geno Smith makes his debut at home against Revis and the Bucs.  If Revis returns a pick for a TD in this game the stadium may implode.  Bucs win.

Titans @ Steelers - The Steelers need to return to their winning ways and beat a team they should.  Steelers win.

Chiefs @ Jaguars - The Chiefs are my pick to win the AFC West and they start the season off with a big win in Jax.

Cardinals @ Rams - Fitzgerald finally has a QB again and he is going to excel.  Throw in a serviceable RB and solid defense and this team is going to make some noise in the West.  Cards win.

Packers @ 49ers - Outstanding stand alone game from the NFL, they really understand how to get their fans excited.  All leagues should take notice.  This could be a NFC Championship preview.  I have to go 49ers at home.

Giants @ Cowboys - Historic match-up of NFC East teams.  The Cowboys part-time GM will be shown pacing the sidelines during this one.  I like Tony Romo more than others and I like the Cowboys to win at home.

Eagles @ Redskins - It looks like RG3 is back and ready to start week 1.  I've been taking the Eagles early when looking at this game but I have to go with the Redskins at home now.  We'll see what happens and how much RG3 has lost by not playing this preseason.

Texans @ Chargers - The Chargers are terrible and Philip Rivers career is headed downward.  They need to make some major changes if they want to become relevant again.  Texans win.

Let's hope for a strong double digit start to the season.

Scott King

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