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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Bears offense can succeed only if the line holds up. Week 2 picks.

The Bears were able to protect Jay Cutler last week, let's see if they can keep it up.

After going 13-3 week 1, I've started out 1-0 with the Patriot sneaking past the Jets.

We'll continue to learn more about the league after this weeks game.

Here we go:

Carolina @ Buffalo - The Panthers played the Seahawks tough at home and their defense looks much improved.  The Patriots look really bad on offense in week 2 so how good are the Bills?  I like where the Panthers are going but I have to go with the Bills at home.  Fantasy Plays - Cam, Steve Smith, EJ, Spiller, Fred Jackson, Stevie Johnson

Detroit @ Arizona - The Lions needed turnovers to get past the Vikings, but I think the defense is better than terrible.  The Cardinals have a real QB and they look like they are able to get something going.  This is going to be a close game, but I like the Cardinals at home.  Fantasy Plays - Stafford, CJ, Bush, Bell, Palmer, Fitzgerald, maybe Pettigrew

St. Louis @ Atlanta - The Rams are 1-0 and have hope in their offense.  The Falcons lost a tough division match-up.  With Roddy White injured they are a little short handed on offense.  The Falcons have enough to beat the Rams.  Fantasy Plays - Matt Ryan, Juilo, Tony G, S Jax, D Rich, Cook

Minnesota @ Chicago - The Vikings started the Lions game with a bang as AP ran for a long TD.  The only problem is that was their only good play.  Ponder is Ponder and the Lions actually shut down AP. The Bears did not allow a sack in the first game.  Let me say that again, the BEARS DID NOT ALLOW A SACK.  I know it's shocking.  If they can protect Cutler, they can go far.  Bears win.  Fantasy Plays - Cutler, Marshall, AP, Forte.  Stay away from Vikings passing game.

Washington @ Green Bay - This is a match-up of two unlikely 0-1 teams.  The Redskins held RG3 out of the presason and they paid big time last week.  The offense was out of sync and it'll take a few more weeks before they are up and running again.  The Packers lost a huge game to the 49ers in week 1.  The Packers seem to be committed to the run so that should help balance things on offense.  Packers win.  Fantasy plays - RG3, Morris, Davis, Garçon, Rodgers, Lacy, Finley, all the GB receivers.

Miami @ Indianapolis - The Dolphins won on the road in Cleveland but the offense wasn't impressive. The Colts struggled at home against the Raiders but I like where they are going.  Fantasy Plays - Luck, Wayne, TY....that's pretty much it.

Dallas @ Kansas City - The Cowboys beat the Giants at home and looked pretty good in the process.  I love KC this season and I think Smith and Reid are a perfect pairing.  I've picked the Chiefs to make the playoffs, and even win their division.  I like the Chiefs in this game.  Fantasy Plays - Romo, Dez, Witten, Murray, Smith, Bowe, Charles.

San Diego @ Philadelphia - The Chargers didn't look terrible in their opener, that was a shock.  I don't trust any part of this team.  The Eagles started the season with a bang and Chip Kelly proved he can coach, for one game.  Lets not rename any streets after him just yet.  I'm excited to see what he can do, but lets see what he can do for an entire season.  I like the Eagles at home.  Fantasy Plays - Vick, McCoy, Jackson, Celek.

Cleveland @ Baltimore - If this wasn't a division game with the Browns/Ravens dynamic, I would have no interest in watching it.  The Browns lost at home to the Dolphins, no shock there.  I do like their TE and defense, but Weeden is not a NFL QB.  The Ravens got their doors blown off in the season opener and Flacco is exactly who I thought.  A QB that completes less than 55% of his passes and can't convert third downs.  He has a big arm, no accuracy and no receivers.  I reluctantly take the Ravens.  Fantasy Plays - Cameron, TR, Smith, Rice.

Tennessee @ Houston - The Titans held the Steelers to 2 points for most of the game last week, I think that's more about the Steelers than Titans.  The Texans tried to blow their opener to the Chargers.  No much to say here, Texans try to run Foster into the ground and win.  Fantasy Plays - Schaub, Johnson, Foster, Daniels and probably Tate.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay - The Saints won a huge division game last week and look back on track with their HC back on the sidelines, I like where they are going this season.  The Bucs lost a game they had locked up against a rookie QB with no receivers, that's just terrible.  Saints roll.  Fantasy Plays - Brees, Graham, Sprols, Doug Martin.

Jacksonville @ Oakland - They aren't going to televise this game are they?  The best news for Jacksonville is that Gabbert isn't the QB.  The Raiders fans will enjoy watching Pryor run all over the field, but that's about it.  Raiders win.  Fantasy Plays - Pryor, MJD, Shorts, that's it.

Denver @ New York Giants - Peyton showed the league that he is 100% back and ready to roll.  I had Peyton and Welker high on my fantasy boards and that looks good so far.  We'll see how long they can sustain it.  The Giants lost a tough road game in the division.  They have to get the running game figured out and the defense needs to step up.  If this was in Denver it would be an easy pick, but I'm still going with the Broncos.  Fantasy Plays - The Mannings, all Denver pass catchers, Cruz, Nicks and I'd give Wilson one more week.

San Francisco @ Seattle - This is an epic match-up of two NFC favorites.  Both teams won their openers but SF looked a lot better than the Seahawks.  Kaep showed he can beat you with his arm as well as his legs and may be the best of this young group of QB.  The Seahawks will play much better at home and Wilson will also.  I like Seattle.  Fantasy Plays - Kaep, Wilson, Boldin, Gore, Lynch and both D.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati - The Steelers are in big trouble.  They lost some key pieces and are struggling on offense.  I like Dwyer a lot and I'm glad to see him back on the team.  The Bengals lost a tough one but I like where they are heading.  This will be a telling game for both teams.  I like Cini at home.  Fantasy Plays - Big Ben, Brown, Dalton, AJ.

There we go, let's see if I can keep rolling.

Scott King

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