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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Terrelle Pryor, Terrelle Pryor, and aaahTerrelle Pryor.

Like much of all life on our blue rock here there is a simple definition of survival. Adapt or die. This also holds true to the NFL and how both offenses and defenses survive, adapt or die. With every action there will inevitably be a counter reaction.

The latest phase of offense is the quarterback read action. RG3, Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick all have shown great success using the read option and it seems this new trend could be here to stay.

What the Oakland Raiders found in defeat to the Colts Sunday is they too posses one of these trend setters that could put defenses on their heels in 2013.

Enter Terrelle Pryor. Pryor completed 65% of  his passes for 217 yards and more importantly ran for 112 yards on 13 attempts. His burst of speed passing linebackers and turning the corner showed he arguably possessed the most athletic ability on the field. The poise he showed playing the opening game of the season, his second ever start, in a very hostile environment, against a 2012 playoff team, was for a player who is  essentially a rookie, nothing short of remarkable. In all essence the Raiders should have won the game barring two crucial mistakes he made at the very end by taking a sack losing 16 yards from the 8 yard line then throwing an intersection thereby sealing the game. There is no question with good coaching and strong effort this can only be the beginning. If the Raiders offensive staff and Pryor wish to see a blueprint they need look no further than across the bay to Colin Kaepernick . After his break through half season and Super Bowl run last year he has shown what the future can show for Pryor, the Raiders, and Raider fans. And at the very least we have the makings of a very interesting 2013.


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