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Monday, September 16, 2013

Look Out Below: Early Week 2 Fantasy Pick Ups

There are some things you never want to hear.  

How about “Look Out Below”?  Or “Perhaps you need to take a seat”?  And of course “Sorry, looks like your computer is stuck on an endless loop of Miley Cyrus’ MTV VMA performance”?  And if you’re saying to yourself right now “But I liked that performance” then I’ll have to ask you to put down the computer and back away slowly.  Then consider what other poor life decisions you might have made.  Like reading this column, for instance.  But hey, since you’re still here, why not go to the next paragraph?
Another Sunday in the booksand another set of exciting close games (coupled with a few stinkers in the rain – I’m looking at you SanFran and Seattle).  And, of course, another column by yours truly this time with a set of early Week 2 pick ups of players less than 50% owned in standard 12-team Yahoo leagues.  Have at it!!

James Starks – RB – 9% Owned
James Starks went from below 1 % owned at 1 PM to 9% owned by the end.  I’m fairly certain he’ll be at least 50% owned by the end of waivers on Tuesday morning.  Eddie Lacy went down with a concussion and was immediately ruled out for the remainder of the game after being brought to the locker room. He looked pretty disoriented after the hit, and although we all hope it’s not serious, concussions are tricky to diagnose, and asStephania Bell of ESPN says, there’s no such thing as a “mild” concussion.   Johnathan Franklin is also out there and available,but Starks performed well for the Packers as the primary backwith over 160 total yards from scrimmage and a TD and looked like the promising player he was during the Packers’ last run to the Super Bowl.  He should be owned in all 12-team leagues or deeper, particularly if you’re an Eddie Lacy owner.

Eddie Royal – WR – 20% Owned
He demonstrated he wasn’t a fluke as he caught another touchdown from the previously wayward Phillip Rivers.  And with Malcolm Floyd with an unfortunate injury during the game,although initial reports say he’ll be fine (which is good news), the way Royal stepped up and how often the rejuvenated Riverslooked for him indicates he’ll probably continue to get opportunities into the future.  He’s worth picking up as a fourth WR or Flex in a 12 team league.

Phillip Rivers – QB – 39% Owned
He had multiple TDs last week starting strong, then imploded at the end of the game reminding us all that we were watching THAT Phillip Rivers.  But he did it again with 419 yards and 3 TDs.  I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but looks like he’s back to the Rivers of old.  He’s slinging it all over the place, as per usual, but unlike previous years, he’s actually hitting receivers at a pretty good clip and Eddie Royal, as noted above, apparentlyhas finally decided to take this whole football thing seriously.  Get him now as a backup QB in 12-team leagues, and as a starter in 14-team or deeper league, as well as 2 QB leagues.  If he stinks next week, feel free to cut bait, but he might be becoming Phillip Rivers circa 2008/2009, which is worth the gamble.

DeAndre Hopkins – WR – 49% Owned
We all thought that Matt Schaub’s 346 yards and 3 TDs last week were a fluke.  But it turns out, he has no qualms throwing the ball 40+ times a game, and he almost 300 yards again with 3 TDs.  This weeks winner in the Schaub sweepstakes?  DeAndreHopkins.  Hopkins ended up with 117 yds and game winningTD in overtime against the Titans.  The Texans’ D doesn’t look as good as it was last year, and if the Titans can hang tough, then we’re sure to see more shootouts with the Texans in the future.  Which receiver will be the winner next week is anyone’s guess, but Hopkins showed some upside in the preseason, and if you need someone to play week to week as your third WR or Flex, you could do worse than Hopkins.  The yards are legit, butSchaub prefers tossing TDs to his tight ends, so look for 50-80 yards per week with a bonus TD upside.  Hopkins should be owned in all 12-team leagues or deeper.

Bernard Pierce – RB – 46% Owned
Poor Ray Rice.  Looks like the Ravens are only a shell of what they once were and the coaches are convinced they need to keep him healthy by limiting his carries.  Turns out they may be right, as Rice suffered a left hip flexor sprain today without even contacting a defensive player.  He’s day-to-day now, but Bernard Pierce ain’t chopped liver.  If he’s out there in your league, 57 yards and a 1 TD is nothing to scoff at, and as Mathew Berry of ESPN says, if he’s a starting running back on an NFL team, he’s got to have some value.  If Rice misses games, Pierce can be a great fill in with upside.  Worth a pick upin 12-team and deeper leagues, as well as by any Ray Rice owner.

Remember to check back each week for some early week pickups!  And now, a picture of Scrappy Doo, just because I can!

By Ha Kung Wong (Twitter - @Rhihan)


  1. And as a bonus pickup, try Jason Snelling in Atlanta. With Steven Jackson out 2-4 weeks, and always a candidate for further injury, and with J. Rodgers not performing well, Snelling might be a sneaky play for a team in need as he's at least likely to get the "Burner Turner-esque" goal line carries. Worth snagging in 12-team leagues or deeper.

  2. And one more bonus pickup, since Trent Richardson will now be a Colt, it seems that only Rainer and Ogbonnaya are left on the roster. Willis McGahee is being brought in for a physical, so assuming he passes, he may be the starter in two weeks. I like Rainer's potential for upside (though he did nothing to secure a backup position in the preseason with the Ravens), but Ogbonnaya is likely to see more "relevant" carries (i.e. near the goal line). McGahee may be a good stash and see in 14 team and deeper leagues, or if you're hurting for a lottery ticket.