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Saturday, September 28, 2013

In a game in which the top 2 lines played how good due the Wings look.

Ooh boy the Regular season is almost here but there are still a couple of pre-season games still left and they are usually the best because its most of the lines are set and its mostly just tune up games. And the top 2 lines where playing Friday night for the Red Wings, And like what most people thought the lines ZetterbergDatsyuk Abdelkader Franzen Weiss Alfredsson are the top 2 lines. I was looking for a few things in this game. 1) How is the 2nd line looking after being quite most of the pre-season games. 2)  How is the 3rd line looking?3) How is the new Power Play looking? Let me start by saying the 3rd line was Cleary Andersson Bertuzzi. 

And with the 4th line being 2/3rds of the line being rookies due to most of the players that would be on the 4th line being injured. My guess would be that Saturday’s game will have Nyquist and Tatar on the 3rd line and Bertuzzi and Samuelsson both sitting. Overall the 2nd line looked good they got some chances but no one on the 2nd line scored on even strength. The 3rd line is looking good with Darren Helm being injured the 3rd line center spot looks to be Joakim Andersson’s problem is who are going to be his wingers? My guess would be Tatar and Nyquist. Andersson played on a line with Nyquist most of last season in the NHL and Tatar Nyquist and Andersson all played on a line in Grand Rapids. That leaves 2 spots for the 4th line I think the 4th line will be Miller Emmerton Bertuzzi. With either Tootoo or Samuelsson or Eaves being a healthy scratch. Most likely 2 of them will be traded or waived. 3) How did the Power play look? Fantastic! They scored 3 goals and the Red Wings power play looks like it can be the best in the league with it having Datsyuk Zetterberg Alfredsson Franzen a Weiss. Thepower play can be deadly.   *Note* Stephen Weiss left the game with what the team is calling a lower body injury.


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  1. This is the second article of yours that I've (tried to) read, and all I can say is holy crap you can NOT write. Your spelling mistakes drive me nuts!