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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hoyer's Window Is Open

Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski announced Wednesday afternoon, that Brian Hoyer would make his second start for the team this week at home against the Cincinnati Bengals.  Hoyer  is effectively on a week to week tryout.  He will not have the "wait and see if he develops" luxury afforded to high draft picks.  He will have to fight tooth and nail to stay relevant because Brian Hoyer was an undrafted unknown as opposed to a high draft pick, there will be no second chances.  Every week he continues to perform and win he will earn another, until he can no longer be ignored otherwise, his first poor performance will send him packing.  This sounds unfair, but it is the reality if his situation.  What greater motivation could their be to become great?  As unlikely as it may be, necessity is not only the mother of invention, it is also responsible for growth, adaptation, and sometimes success.  Conditions are ripe for a Cinderella story, but it will be a long hard road filled with improbable tasks like the one on Sunday.  Good luck Brian.  

Kenneth Obloy

@KennnethObloy on Twitter 

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