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Monday, September 23, 2013

How the Red Wings roster looks 4 games in

.I have been waiting to write this for a while now but I felt like I need a bigger sample size when it comes to looking over the roster. Four games seem like a good amount, so how does the team look 4 games in? Pretty good I would say of course players like Datsyuk and Zetterberg are going to do well Datsyuk has 6 points in 2 games played and Zetterberg has 3 in 2 games. But we already know that Datsyuk and Zetterberg will but up points. What we are looking at is the 2nd line. Will they put up points? And who will win some of the bottom 6 spots on the team. Well as far as I can see is the 2nd line is still working on getting to know each other they have been quite. But the bottom 6 spots race is in full stride Tatar has 2 points in his 2 games played I think that he gets a spot on this team. Nyquist has 1 point but looks like he will start in the AHL only for money and space reasons. He deserves a spot but with the Wings being over the cap and having too many players and nyquist being the only guy that doesn’t have to clear waivers to go to the AHL. Jordin Tootoo has played well but I think he will be a scratch if not traded by season starts. Todd Bertuzzi has also played well and I think he grabs a spot. Cory Emmerton looks like he will be the 4th line center with Darren Helm still out with an injury with Andersson grabbing the 3rd line center role. Pre-Season hockey wouldn’t be Pre-season hockey without some rookies playing. The most surprising you might not know about. Adam Almqvist he was drafted in the 7th Round the 210th pick he has 3 points in 2 games and looks like another steal for the Wings late in the draft. Don’t be surprised to see him in the NHL within the next couple years. But we will see how the rest of the pre-season turns out I will be see you guys next time.


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