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Monday, September 23, 2013

Fun Facts and Early Week 3 Fantasy Pick Ups

This week, I thought you might enjoy a few fun facts about the New York Giants with your early week 3 pick ups:

     The Jets had more penalty yards than the Giants had offensive yards this week.  That’s pathetic.
  Eli Manning now leads the league in interceptions.  After the Carolina blowout, you have to wonder if Peyton was taking it easy on his little brother last week.
     Losing 38 to 0 was the Giants’ worst shutout lost in the last 40 years.  That’s a long time.
   The Giants are now a league worst 44.3 average rushing yards per game.  Wow.

Bottom line, the Giants are losers.  Hopefully, you weren’t like the Giants in your fantasy matchup this week, but even if you were, maybe some of the following pickups will make you feel better.

Nate Washington – WR – 6% Owned
Need a lottery ticket?  Well, according to ESPN, although Nate Washington has run just 17 passing routes in the first two games of the seasonhe has been targeted on 13 of those. Apparently, this 41.2 percent targets-per-route ratio in the first two weeks was the third-highest in the NFL.  He’s been a fine fill in for desperate players that need 40 or 50 yards, but this week he exploded for 131 yards.  Could it be that his routes have increased, that his connection with Locker has improved or that there just aren’t many other options in Tennessee (particularly after the Kenny Britt twitter incident)?  Yes, yes and yes.  He probably won’t have many more games like this, but with a floor of 40-50 yards and a ceiling of 3 times that, he could be a good bye week fill in in 12-team and deeper leagues.

Nate Burleson – WR – 14% Owned
Someone has to catch the ball when Megatron is triple covered.  And that someone, at least until Ryan Broyles gets healthy, is Nate Burleson.  He’s not going to have games like this every week, but he, like Washington, has potential to be a good bye week fill in.  With 45 and 78 yards in his first two weeks, he came away a big winner this week with 116 yards.  If the trend continues, he’ll have close to 200 yards next week.  OK, that probably won’t happen, but would 70-80 yards per week be hard to imagine?  Worth a flyer in 12-team and deeper leagues.

Stephen Hill – WR – 6% Owned
Basically, Geno Smith is a work in progress.  But he’s progressed quite a bit in the last three games.  Yeah, he’ll throw a bunch of knucklehead passes into double coverage across his body or off his back foot, but he’s not afraid of going deep.  And Stephen Hill is turning into a nice deep threat.  Will he get consistent looks?  Maybe not.  But he did get 6 receptions in week 1 for 39 yards, 4 in week 2 for 86 yards and topped it off this week with 3 receptions for 108 yards and his first TD of the season.  He’s got some decent upside and has seen increased yardage each week.  With a fearless, yet inaccurate, downfield QB like Smith, Hill can be a good gamble at the flex or for bye weeks.  Worth a gamble in 12-team leagues or deeper.

Johnathan Franklin – RB – 9% Owned
With Eddie Lacy and John Kuhn inactive, James Starks had his time to shine (presumably for the second game in a row).  And although he was fine with 14 carries and 55 yards before being forced from the game with a knee injury, it was Franklin that shined with 103 yards on 13 carries and a TD.  He looked faster and shiftier behind the line, and was impressive after contact.  And the Packers have no one else.  But the Packers have a bye next week, and according to reports, Lacy was close to suiting up this week.  So Franklin’s value will be limited once Lacy gets back and will be more a thorn in the side of the Lacy owner than anything else.  So if you’re a Lacy owner, feel free to pick up insurance.  Otherwise, only a good pick up in 14-team leagues or deeper, and only as a stash-and-see.  Oh, and Starks owners?  Feel free to jump ship.

Jason Snelling – RB – 16% Owned
As mentioned in my column last week, Steven Jackson is out another 1-3 weeks.  And yes, Jacquizz Rodgers is the starter.  But the S-Jax-free Falcons have enough to go around with Snelling piling up 53 rush yards on 11 carries, 58 receiving yards on 4 catches and a touchdown.  12-16 touches a week are entirely possible, and even without the TD, that could be a fairly good flex or bye week fill in.  He’s worth picking up in the short term in 12-team or deeper leagues if you need RB help, but keep in mind that his value will likely evaporate when S-Jax returns.
And here’s a list of pick ups mentioned in previous weeks that I still recommend picking up if they’re still available: DeAndre Hopkins, Bernard Pierce, Fred Jackson, Brian Hartline, Joique Bell and Julian Edelman
So get out there, make some pick ups and dominate your league!  And if it doesn’t work out for you with my suggested pick ups, then my name is John Doe and I hope you enjoyed my column.

By Ha Kung Wong (Twitter: @Rhihan)

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  1. UPDATE ALERT: Nate Burleson broke his arm in a car accident TODAY (Tuesday) and now Ryan Broyles has been named the primary slot receiver in Detroit. Worth a pick up in 12-team and deeper leagues.