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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Did RGIII return to soon?

 Robert Griffin the third, quarterback for the Washington Quarterback, made an inspiring comeback from a devastating ACL tear in his right leg last year. Maybe it’s his exciting style of play, or his tenacious refusal to quit that makes me want to root for him. While watching him play last week though, I couldn’t help but wonder if he will be more of a detriment to his team then an advantage to the Redskins this season.

One reason why I think RG III should have waited to return to the Redskins until next season is that he has turned himself into an even bigger target then before. He naturally became one when he started playing the quarterback position but the bulls eye on his uniform grew larger when he stepped onto the field wearing his leg brace last week. Opposing defenses will go all-out to punch through the offensive line and make RG III reinjure himself. It may be a dirty move but that is the nature of the game. The offensive line will make every effort to shield their star quarterback from getting slammed to the turf, but it can only hold up for so long against the likes of Clay Matthews, DeMarcus Ware and Vonn Miller. Sooner or later the defense will break through and how long will RG III be able evade the rush without reinjuring himself?

Secondly, despite what they say, RG III is not as mobile as he was in the 2012 season. In last weeks game against the Eagles he looked insecure and afraid to put any weight on his right leg, and understandably so. He was not stepping into his throws either. It will take time for him to regain the confidence and finesse he possessed in the 2012 season. But by the time he regains his poise in the pocket, will the Redskins have a record above .500?

RG III made two very uncharacteristic decisions in last week’s game against the Eagles. He threw two interceptions. RG III will have to get rid of the ball quicker, because of his lack of mobility, causing him force the ball into dangerous situations, or just waste a down and throw it away. Turnovers do not win games. If the offensive line cannot hold for him and he start’s throwing the ball when he shouldn’t, it will cost the team.

I can understand RG III’s desire to return so quickly. The Redskins had an amazing season last year thanks to his tremendous efforts. His injury was devastating and painful to watch. I sincerely admire his determination to return stronger this year, but I but have to wonder if maybe he should have sat out this season and returned in 2014, fully recovered and ready to win the Super Bowl. 

By Catherine Solin

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