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Monday, September 16, 2013

Did the Red Wings make a mistake re-signing Dan Cleary?

Only a couple days ago it looked like Daniel Cleary had played his last season for the Wings and would be packing his bags and would be on his way to the Flyers. There were reports the he had signed a 3-Year deal with the Flyers we later found out that was not true that he only had a tryout contract on the table. Then training camps started for many teams one being the Flyers and when Cleary was supposed to be on the ice at the Flyers camp he was in Metro Detroit having a sit down with Red Wings GM Ken Holland and Red Wings Head Coach Mike Babcock trying to work out a contract. Well they did work it out and he took way under market value to stay with the Red Wings. He signed a 1-year $1.75M contract to stay with the wings “I just followed my heart and did what I knew would make me happy.” There’s nothing like being a Red Wing and I’m proud to be a Red Wings.” 

Dan Cleary said after arriving and Red Wings training camp in Traverse City. However Cleary will not wear his #11 like he has worn for years in Detroit. Alfredsson was willing to give up the number 11 but due to marketing reason (Stuff for the winter classic already getting made with Alfredsson get number 11) Alfredsson will keep #11 and Cleary will wear #71. Now for myopinion on the signing. I like Cleary he has been a good player for the Wings over the years but has notbeen the same player he was in 2008 could be age also could be the knee injuries he has had. But he alwaysseems to turn it on in the playoffs. But in my honestopinion there’s not a spot on this team for him the Red Wings have young talented prospects that can play in the big league this year. Cleary being signed means Nyquist or Tartar is out of the lineup this year. Tartar can’t be sent down to the AHL this year but Nyquist can so Nyquist might start in the AHL to clear up a spot. The Red Wings have too many players and no cap space they need to get rid of some players and get rid of some cap. This signing was not the best only due to prospects not getting a shot to show what they got. Cleary is a good player no doubt but is he worth another year of prospects sitting and waiting to finallyplay? Ask yourself that.


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