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Monday, September 30, 2013

Clare Danes Can Really Do Crazy: Early Week 4 Fantasy Pick Ups

Can you believe that the Simpsons are in their 25th season?  

25 years and still going with somewhat socially relevant stories and occasional references to an incredibly violent cat and mouse pair.  Yeah, not many other shows can get away with that and just keep getting renewed.   And this last week (spoiler alert) they did a little play on the show “Homeland”, an excellent show where Clare Danes does her best impersonation of paranoid bipolar person who somehow gets a job with the CIA.  I guess even the CIA has to reach a little sometime to fill their rosters.

And that happens in fantasy football as well.  Bye weeks have started and some of you, due to injury, have started digging deep to fill your rosters.  So here are a few possible pickups for those of you who might need a little help filling your rosters.

Roy Helu Jr. – RB – 12% Owned
Alfred Morris went down with what looked like a rib injury and Roy Helu Jr. stepped in to the tune of 64 total yards and TD.  Turns out, Morris’ injury is not a broken rib, and the Redskins are on a bye in week 4, so Morris has a chance to come back in week 6.  But if you need a lottery ticket, Helu has done it before and has shown he can do it again if he gets the chance.  Feel free to pick up and stash in 14-team and deeper leagues.

Rashad Jennings  RB – 3% Owned
Run DMC injured his hamstring (surprise surprise), and Marcel Reese injured his knee, leaving just Rashad Jennings in the backfield.  Let’s be clear here, Flynn was mediocre and no RB is going to be that productive under him without a little luck.  And Jennings has had this opportunity before when MJD was out in Jacksonville, and failed to do much with it.  However, he did pile up 45 yards on 15 carries and 71 yards on eight receptions this week for Oakland.  And if Run DMC and Reese can’t get back, it isn’t difficult to see Jennings get 16-22 touches.  Need a possible bye week fill in next week?  Why not snag Jennings?  Worth picking up for the bye week (assuming Run DMC remains out) in 12-team and deeper leagues.

Tashard Choice – RB – 0% Owned
The Bills aren’t an offensive power house, but they CAN be fantasy friendly getting you yards.  And CJ Spiller now has another ankle sprain on a short week with a Thursday night game looming.  Normally, I’d just say congratulations to all Fred Jackson owners.  But Jackson has been dealing with some knee issues as well.  Tashard Choice had a few good games with Dallas in the past, but he’s no every down back.  However,supplementing a slightly impaired Jackson may be just what the doctor ordered.  Jackson has been very productive as the number 2 RB behind Spiller.  So why not Choice as the number 2 behind Jackson?  Worth a look as a speculative add in 16-team or deeper leagues, or those of you Spiller owners who have no other options.

Brian Hoyer – QB – 5% Owned
Brandon Weeden goes out with an injury and Brian Hoyer slides in to take his place and beat Minnesota on the road.  He shows some flashes of ability, partially due to the return of Josh Gordon and partially due to the fact that he attempted 54 passes,and racked up 321 passing yards and 3 TDs.  Of course, that also came with 3 INTs, but you got to take the bad with the good, right?  Beating the always-defeated Vikings doesn’t win you many points in my book, but repeating the effort sans INTs against a sturdy Bengals defense will get you a mention.  Hoyer added a 269 yard / 2 TD performance to his resume, leading the Browns to an unlikely win over the Bengals.  Guess Trent Richardson was holding them back after all.  If you need a second QB in 2 QB leagues or a backup in 14-team leagues or deeper, feel free to pick him up.  If nothing else, Jordan Cameron is for real, and someone has to throw him his weekly allotment of TDs.

Matt Casse QB – 3% Owned
Matt Cassel is no great shakes and hasn’t really been impressive since leaving New England.  And who would have thought that Cassel would have been a better option than Christian Ponder?  Umm…just about everyone except for the Vikings management apparently.  It took a Ponder injury to give Cassel his chance, and he was a clear upgrade.  He totaled 248 yards and 2 TDs, but more importantly, no turnovers.  Ponder has had his chance, and although Cassel isn’t great, he seemed to have a great connection with Greg Jennings and Jerome Simpson.  Worth apick up in 2 QB leagues and as a backup in 14-team or deeper leagues assuming he keeps the job.

Jerome Simpson – WR – 10% Owned
Jerome Simpson had a breakout first game, but then went on to do practically nothing the next two weeks.  Although he had 8 targets in week 3, he only converted 3 of them for 29 yards.  Then, Christian Ponder sits out due to injury replaced by weak armed Matt Cassel.  As noted above, maybe he wasn’t so weak armed afterall.  Or maybe Simpson just loves the UK.  Either way, Simpson broke through to lead the Vikings with 124 receiving yards.  If Cassel does keep the job, Simpson becomes a viable bye week fill in for 12-team and deeper leagues, or WR 3/Flex in 14-team and deeper leagues.

And here’s a list of pick ups mentioned in previous weeks that I still recommend picking up if they’re still available: Nate Washington, DeAndre Hopkins, Bernard Pierce, Fred Jackson, Brian Hartline, Joique Bell and Julian Edelman.

Good luck everyone!  And remember, never trust a mouse with a bomb.  Just all around a bad idea.
By Ha Kung Wong (Twitter: @Rhihan)


  1. Here's a BONUS pickup - Terrance Williams - WR - Since MIles Austin is looking increasingly like he will not play this week (as he's failed to practice as of yet), Williams, who posted a 7/71/0 line while playing 86.6 percent of the snaps last week, may get another start. If that's the case, those of you looking for a Flex or WR3 in a bye week might want to give him a look.

  2. Also, now that the Oakland game has been moved to 11:35 PM EST, ALL Run DMC owners MUST pick up Rashad Jennings. Incredibly important to do so in case Run DMC decides to the sit the game out, particularly since the matchup will be good with Terelle Pryor coming back at QB.