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Friday, September 13, 2013

Are RGIII and the Redskins “All In” for week 2?

Are RGIII and the Redskins “All In” for week 2?

Week 2 in the NFL has already started and for the Washington Redskins the question looms:  Is   Robert Griffin III ready for the Green Bay Packers?  Tape from week 1 has lead experts to call into account RGIII’s mechanics.  Even to the untrained eye it was apparent that RGIII was not stepping into or following through on his throws properly, especially early on against the Eagles.  Should Redskins fans be concerned?  Are the Skins ready to go to Lambeau to face Clay Matthews and a Packer team that is hungry for their first win? It is this Washington fan’s opinion that there are more questions than answers facing the Robert Griffin III and the Redskins this week.

It didn’t start off well for Robert when he threw anuncharacteristic interception on an early drive.  He simply threw into triple coverage.  If RGIII wants to be considered in the class of quarterback as Aaron Rodgers, he can’t make that throw, ever. In fact it was a mistake that you would expect a rookie to make.  Santana Moss was not even close to being open.  Everyone knows that the Redskins look to their sure handed slot receiver on third down. RGII could have easily thrown that pass away.  Sure they would have punted, but at least they wouldn’t have set up the Eagles for an easy field goal. With Clay Matthews coming full speed at Robert, he’ll have to make better decisions against the Packers this week.

The bigger question in this equation is Robert Griffin’s footwork.  It appeared that he was shifting weight on his injured leg gingerly in the first half.  Griffin even came up seemingly clutching his knee after taking a solid hit in the pocket.  What led this guy to have the confidence to declare that he was, “All in for week 1?”  It was obvious to me at least, that RGIII was not ready physically or mentally for week 1.  This is a moot point however because RGII, ready or not, will be starting week 2.  If he starts off like he did against the Eagles, it will be a long day for the whole team in Green Bay.

RGIII’s second half performance was dramatic improvement to his first half play.  Even with the Eagles sending a blitz on every down, RGIII was able to stand in the pocket and connect with young receiver Leonard Hankerson for two scores , leading some to conclude that Robert was just, “rusty.”  This was indeed the tale of two halves for RGIII and does not necessarily mean that his second half play is indicative of what he will do vs. the Packers. Hopefully, for Skins fans, RGIII can ride the momentum that he established toward the end of the game against a Packer’s D that gave up a ton of yards to second year starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Even if RGIII plays well, it is the other side of the ball that has me worried the most.  Namely, the Redskin’s secondary.   The defense was gashed mercilessly by LeSean McCoy and Michael Vick on Monday Night.  Now they have surgeon Aaron Rodgers coming to town.  Rodgers seems to be the well-oiled machine that he has been known as since he took over for Brett Favre.  If he continues on the same pace as he did against the 49ers, the Redskin’s defense, with likes of rookie safety BacariRambo, is in a world of hurt.

-Matt Thompson, @MattThompson83


  1. Good shit Matt. I agree, I am more worried about what Rodgers does to OUR defense than I am worried about what RG3 does to the GB defense. If the offense allows it, this will be a shoot out. I think the key to winning is starting the running game early. If the run game gets going then you command the tempo of the game, and keep GB offense from coming back onto the field. We did this multiple times against the Giants and Cowboys.

    - Chris