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Sunday, September 1, 2013

10 Years Of Steeler Dominance In The AFC North

  I was talking football with a friend of mine one day, who is a Ravens fan, and he made the claim that the Ravens have won the most games vs the AFC North over the past ten years, and I said I was sure that it was Pittsburgh. So, I decided to do a little research and after informing I was correct I decided to share it with everyone.

     I looked at the records of Pittsburgh vs the other AFC North teams and found that the Steelers were 40-20, a .600 winning percentage vs the AFC North over the ten year span in the regular season. It breaks down like this 17- 3 vs Cleveland, 14-6 against the Bengals, and 9-11 vs Baltimore. In the post season they were just as dominant going 3-0 vs the North. They were 2-0 vs Baltimore and 1-0 against the Bengals. That brought their overall record vs the North to 43-20 which is a .683 winning percentage.

     The Ravens were not that far behind as they had compiled a 36-24 record a .581 winning percentage over that same ten year span. The numbers vs the individual look like this 16-4 vs Cleveland, 11-9 vs Pittsburgh and 9-11 against the Bengals. In the post season they are 0-2, both games vs Pittsburgh bringing their overall record to 36-26, a .581 winning percentage.

     This is how it stands heading into the 2013 season, but I expect Baltiomre to make a little dent in the difference this year, and when I take a look at this same topic next year, I expect different results.

     Kevin Clarke

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