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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Three step drop with The New England Patriots.

The Patriots' offseason has been one of the most difficult in NFL history.  Not only did they lose players to free agency and injury, they had the Hernandez situation.

Heading into their first preseason games there were more questions about this offense than there's been in years.

Here's my three step drop on the Pats so far.

Step 1 - The Pats have a solid RB in Ridley.  I really like what he brings to the team and he showed it with a big run in their first game.  I'm also a fan of Blount, I think he got shuffled ou in Tampa and can bring value to the team.

Step 2 - Brady can still spin it to anyone. With all the losses on offense Brady can still get the ball to receivers and make them look good.  Someone will end up becoming a household name.

Step 3 - I'm a Tebow fan but he just can't throw the ball.  I really wanted to see that he improved his passing ability, but he just hasn't.  He can still run with power an make plays.  He needs to get on the field in a different position.

That's my quick look at the Pats so far.

Scott King

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