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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Three step drop with the Detroit Lions

The Lions disappointed their fans again last season.  They missed the playoffs but CJ set a receiving record because they were always behind.

There are a lot of players that need to step up this season.  Here's a three step drop from the first preseason game. 

Step 1 - The offensive line, especially Reiff, did pretty well.  The Jets don't have a great pass rush but they still held up. There are still questions on the right side of the line, but I'm feeling better about this unit. 

Step 2 - Reggie Bush.  I wasn't as excited about this signing as others. I saw him as more of a specialty player and not a factor back.  His first run to the outside looked spectacular with a hurdle over the defender.  We'll see if he's able to stay healthy and get 1,000 rushing and receiving. 

Step 3 - The defensive line looks like the best unit on the team.  They get pressure from every position.  I was not thrilled with the Ziggy pick but he shows flashing.  I was afraid he'd get lost chasing play action and screens.  He proved he has better football instincts than I thought.  

It's just the first game, against a bad team, but things don't look as bad as I thought in Detroit. 

Scott King

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