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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Patriots and Broncos provide many options in Fantasy this year.

Today I held my 13th straight KFL Fantasy Draft.  This is a custom league that starts 2 QB, 2D, PPR and QB passing TD are worth 6pts.

As you can see I had the 9th pick and went QB, QB early.  I was open to taking a RB with one of my first two picks but in this league I would not have had many QB options at 32.

I missed out on Ridley, Marshall and Fitzgerald right before I took SJax, Bush and Wayne.  My team would look a lot different is those picks came through.

Overall I like my team, but I am concerned about the WR position.  We'll have to see.  I expect Bush to get 10 targets a game as a receiver, I just hope he stays healthy.

How'd I do?

1. (9) Peyton Manning (Den - QB)
2. (12) Tom Brady (NE - QB)
3. (29) Steven Jackson (Atl - RB)
4. (32) Reggie Bush (Det - RB)
5. (49) Reggie Wayne (Ind - WR)
6. (52) Wes Welker (Den - WR)
7. (69) Pierre Garcon (Was - WR)
8. (72) Eddie Lacy (GB - RB)
9. (89) New England (NE - DEF)
10. (92) Baltimore (Bal - DEF)
11. (109) Jay Cutler (Chi - QB)
12. (112) Josh Gordon (Cle - WR)
13. (129) Zach Sudfeld (NE - TE)
14. (132) Ronnie Hillman (Den - RB)
15. (149) Alshon Jeffery (Chi - WR)
16. (152) Blair Walsh (Min - K)


Scott King

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