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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sean Payton and Drew Brees are ready to explode for huge numbers this season. Final Fantasy QB Rankings.

The Saints showed last season just how valuable the Head Coach can be, especially when he runs the offense.  Even with the chaos in NO last season, Drew Brees lead all QB in Fantasy points.

Do you think he's going to take a step backwards this year?

Drew Brees - Consistently at the top of the QB rankings.  Look for an explosion with the return of Payton calling plays.

Aaron Rodgers - Elite QB, but questions on the Oline keep him out of the top spot.

Cam Newton - Quietly top 4 in QB points the last two season.  Don't sleep on rushing yards and rushing TD out of the QB position.

Peyton Manning - He's stronger and more comfortable with his weapons.  Oh ya, and Welker is in town.  Super Bowl?

Tom Brady - He's slipped some, but don't count him out.

Keep an eye on Carson Palmer in Arizona.  It's a pass friendly offense with a superstar WR and serviceable running game.

Good Luck!

Scott King

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