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Monday, August 19, 2013

Reggie “Where is your Loyalty” Bush

There is no doubt that running back Reggie Bush is a phenomenal athlete. His speed and agility is far beyond what most coaches consider an average NFL player; but will histalents get him in the Hall of Fame.  Probably not because this guy has not loyalty, he’s selfish and it all about him.  He gotdrafted by the New Orleans Saints which was perfect system for him because he is not even a running back; he’s like a wide receiver that plays running back.

The people that I consider running backs are Trent Richardson, Adrian Peterson, Mark Ingram, Emmit Smith, Ladainian Thomason etc.    You have to respect their game because when they step on the field, as a player you want to know where they are at all times on the field.  No matter if they run up the middle, east, west, a screen pass whatever, they are considered a threat.  Another thing is they are loyal to their team; which means they play the role that they are giving within the system that they are playing in.  Not to mention their consistency in their performance day in day out.  
Reggie Bush does not show loyalty to any team, he does not have any consistency in his performance on the field and the guy is point blank selfish.  He spent five years with the New Orleans saints and left the organization because he felt that he should be their lead running back and received more touches and he maybe rightfully due that; but You don’t ask to be a leading running back for an organization, nor do you ask for more touches, it’syour performance on the field that earns you that title, the touches and the opportunities that goes with it.
So I am going to sit back this season and see what ole Reggie gone to do.  I just hope for the best and that this Detroit Lionssystem is a good fit and maybe just maybe, he can commit to being loyal to a team so he can make another pro-bowl appearance.    
I will say this, after he left the saints to go to Miami his numbers did increase. But what’s more importantHaving good production numbers on the field and your team never goes to the playoffs or Superbowl or getting with a team that has good production as a team where individual stats, egos don’t matter; but they make Superbowl and playoffs appearance year after year #NewEnglandPatroits #NewOrleansSaints. One thing is for sure that Reggie Bush is back in an offensive system that is similar to what he was a part of when he played with the New Orleans Saints.  I guess the old saying is right, you let a dog roam but he will always find his way back home.  So Reggie Bush got drafted into the perfect offensive system that fits his style of play, only to leave and go to another offensive system that does not got with his style on play; but is back in a similar offensive system that is close if not identical to the offensive system where he first was drafted into.  He is a phenomenal player, hands down, one of the best coming out the back field; but he needs to stick with a system that fits his style of play. He is and can be a big time player maker but in the right system.  

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