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Saturday, August 24, 2013

How Ryan Braun can rehabilitate his image

 As a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers and Ryan Braun, I was skeptical when I first heard the allegations against Braun for using performance-enhancing drugs. I believed that something such as this was all a mistake and could be cleared quickly. Braun seemed to be a great guy and a tremendous athlete. He would not be so stupid as to jeopardize his career, would he? But the events over the past few months have proved that my hopes were false and Ryan Braun did in fact use performance-enhancing drugs. I am frankly disappointed that Braun would do something like this, but I can understand the temptation. Braun now has the long and difficult task of rehabilitating his marred reputation ahead of him. But can he actually do it? He possibly can if he is completely honest with any question asked of him and then steps away from the game for good.

Braun does not have the luxury of hiding anything anymore. He owes it to his fans to be upfront and open about everything. The statement issued several days ago left much unanswered and lacking. Braun came across as sounding unapologetic for his misdeeds. Asking forgiveness when you are sincerely sorry is one thing but asking and not really caring whether or not you receive it is another. If Braun comes out and promises to give the entire version of the truth in every question asked of him, it will go a long way in rebuilding his image with baseball fans everywhere.
Secondly, and this may seem a little harsh, but Braun needs to step off the field and retire from baseball for good. Why? Forgive the cliché but actions speak louder then words and the best thing Braun can do to make amends is say that he was wrong and remove himself from the game completely. Such actions will set an example for the rest of the players embroiled in the PED scandal and will go the farthest in cleaning up the game of baseball. Actions have consequences and Braun should not be allowed to play anymore. By voluntarily stepping down, Braun will show that he wants to correct his mistakes and it will make his fans more lenient towards him Also, removing himself from the game will take all the negative attention away from the Brewers and help them focus on getting back on track again. Braun is a tremendous talent and his play on the field would be greatly missed, especially for the struggling Brewers, but Braun needs to take this action if he wants to make it up to his massive fan base at all.
The fall out from Braun’s confession is still being felt. Fans everywhere are extremely disappointed with him and how he has handled himself over the past couple of months. If Braun ever hopes to regain our full support, he needs to step out from behind his lawyers and answer everything asked of him and then silently disappear for a long time. He should not participate in any charity work or sports commentary. Sincere, contrite repentance will make up for misleading us. Only then can he hope to gain our complete forgiveness. 

By Catherine Solin

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  1. Well than know it all. Let's see Peralta, and Nelson and Davis and the rest STEP DOWN AND RETIRE. You are nuts!