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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fantasy Football advice for the ladies.

Yes, it's here again...for females, we remember this as that dreaded time of the year when dudes hide out in their Man Cave for hours on end, gazing at one particular space on the wall that contains moving images with sound & music. 

From the opposite side of the house (or even across the street for that matter), we can hear our men...shouting obscenities from their "bunkers" and if we catch them at the right moment, we can even witness them dancing and celebrating as though they've won the lottery. That's right, it's football season. And to make matters even worse (for the ladies, that is)... It's also Fantasy Football season.

Each year our guys immerse themselves in this American pastime and because of this, we are punished by them ignoring our very existence on this earth, and forced to watch our recorded episodes of So You Think You Can Dance on the smaller, non-HD remote-less television that's purposely tucked away in the guest room...just so they can have the big screen all to themselves. 

What on earth is all this hype about?! 

This year I went with the ol' If-You-Can't-Beat-'Em-Join-'Em philosophy and decided to join a Fantasy Football league just to get in on the action. After just one week I realized this much about the ol' pigskin game... It is A LOT of commitment to learn everything!

So for all you ladies out there who've been wondering about the sport that keeps men preoccupied for MILLIONS of hours (whether it's college football, the NFL or just Fantasy Football), here are 3 good things to know--

1)  There are different types of Fantasy Football leagues out there to join, so pick something easy to start. 
For beginners like me the easiest type of league is the "touchdown league." In this particular arena your Fantasy Team can rack up points each time a player on your team scores a touchdown (but that's basically it.) There are ZERO points given out for yardage or other awesome real-life stats, which is why this a very simple league (especially if you aren't too savvy on the real game of football itself).

2) Draft Day is very important, so don't miss it! Draft Day in Fantasy Football can be viewed similar to how we perceived Senior Prom to be-- The single most important date. Ever. Sports fanatics claim that half of your success at this virtual game can pretty much be determined by your draft. Since there are apparently three types of drafts in this increasingly complex fantasy world, it's best to do some research to better understand how they work. Approach it the same way you would before doing something like giving a big speech to all your corporate colleagues at the office: Preparation is key!

3) Fantasy Football is like Karma Sutra--It's important to know the positions.
Whether it's your Left Tackle, your Defensive End or just your Quarterback... Knowing the value of each different position is a huge deal when it comes to constructing your team with a calculated strategy. It's also helpful if you find yourself "making trades" and doing "waiver wire pickups." 

Yes I know, this already sounds complicated, but that's why this list is only 3-deep. In my next post we'll go more into detail about the positions and discuss what you can do to prepare for Game Day.

"Are you ready for some (Fantasy) Football?!" Perfect. I knew you would be too. Game on!


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