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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Crisp’s Return, Rookie Pitching and Moss’ Walk-Off Homer May Signal Positive Momentum

August has been something of an unflattering month for the otherwise-hot Oakland Athletics. It has been a month marked primarily by numerous road losses against teams that by all accounts should have been defeated; Oakland needs a kick-start.

The winning edge seems to be returning as August draws to a close with the return of Coco Crisp, who has been an agent of chemistry for Oakland. Since his return on Monday the outlook for Oakland has improved. The Athletics win more games even when Crisp isn’t swinging the bat well, according to Jane Lee of

Sonny Gray has also been an agent of victory for the team as the rookie has performed exceedingly well since his MLB debut. Speaking of new Oakland pitchers, Otero has a staggeringly low ERA at .42 over 21 innings in recent games. Oakland looks to be getting back into form and could repeat last years success in getting to the post season.

A big story of the teams’ success last year came from the impressive number of walk-off victories that the team earned. Moss won Oakland’s first game of the series against the Mariners with his second walk-off homer of the year. Perhaps a little nostalgia is just what the team needs to keep them going strong into the playoffs.

-Chris Flagler

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