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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chip on Vick Shoulder's(not side)

With Former Eagles Coach Andy Reid out in Kansas City , and high scoring Head Coach from University of Oregon Chip Kelly taking over, you would think he would want to push the pace with a naturally fast team and look to push it as he did in College Football, Will all of those plays work? Of course not, but the speed they have in D.Jackson, Mike Vick, and Lesean Mccoy, you would think "they" would or "he" as in Chip, have them as the core guys, So its Jackson, and Mccoy, but the most important position in football, Phillidaphia you guys have a problem. Why is Mike Vick competing for a job? Year before last he was in the top 5, okay he had a bad year, so did NFL Superbowl MVP Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, there seats are not hot and shouldnt be, Nick foles is not a better Qb than Vick, I can tell you that, Desean Jackson is Desean Jackson, he's quick, he beats you with speed, not jumping over 2 or 3 guys, so with Maclin always attached to injuries there's no
one to throw to, he forced a few, I agree but vick played out of frustration a lot , getting hit all the time, not to mention that O-line they had protecting him or whatever they were doing, im not taking up for Vick here, im simply stating facts, with all do respect to Andy Reid, that was a bad bad bad coaching staff , Offensively and Defensively. Why not run more with limited receving threats, and now Kelly trying to Dare to be Different and pick Nick over Vick. SOMEONE STOP HIM , HE's GONE MAD I TELL YOU, MAD.
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