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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Can Reggie Bush break the all time receptions record for running backs? Fantasy RB Rankings.

As a Detroit Lions fan I am very familiar with the personnel and the offensive scheme.

The Lions have one legit WR, he just happens to be the best in the game.  They cannot run the ball, period.  Their offense consists of Stafford taking the snap in the shotgun position, looking for CJ down field and then dumping off to the RB.

This gameplan could result in Reggie breaking the all time single season record of 101 catches by a RB.

Here are the top 5 RB, plus a bonus to keep an eye on:

Doug Martin - Young, healthy and on a team that wants/needs to run.
Adrian Peterson - He's a stud and he's not going away, but he's starting to slow down.
Marshawn Lynch - The Hawks like to run and he can break them anytime.  
Jamaal Charles - He has a new coach and threat of a passing game, this will be a good year.
Ray Rice - Flacco may have a big contract but they have no one to catch the ball.  Look for Rice to continue to put up numbers.

Reggie Bush has shown some flashing in his career and will be the feature back in Detroit.  The Lions cannot run the ball but they excel at throwing the dump off to the RB.  Look for Stafford to target CJ downfield and when he's in triple coverage, they'll dump to Bush.  Expect Reggie to see 10 targets a game, minimum in the passing attack.  This could be huge in PPR.

Good Luck!

Scott King

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