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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aaron “another great that never was…” Hernandez

            With more details beginning to emerge regarding the troubled past of, once Patriot star, Aaron Hernandez it seems as if we can all erase another one out of our minds. Rolling Stone’s upcoming issue will tell about a talent, who’s life was derailed by “gangster” friends, PCP usage and constant paranoia, leaving football fans with only one question, imagine how great Hernandez could have been? There were few players who gave me as much hope on the Patriots roster as Aaron Hernandez. While Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski always left me confident in the Patriots offense, Aaron Hernandez gave me the chills. He had an incredible combination of size and speed coupled with the hands of great tight ends like Shannon Sharpe and Tony Gonzalez. He could line up in the slot or on the outside, as the single back behind Brady, or create the most unstoppable package across from Gronk. He was a proverbial athlete by NFL standards.

            After the Patriots dropped the 2012-receiving core I still needn’t worry with Hernandez on the field. Unfortunately, Aaron Hernandez’s days in the NFL have come to immediate halt. While no one can predict how the jury will rule in his case, these new details will most certainly end any of hope of Hernandez ever returning. Hernandez now joins the likes of players like Ryan Leach, and Maurice Clarett, whose high expectations were never met. Just another player who couldn’t handle the spotlight, another great that never was…

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