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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Packers have the best QB in the NFL. Do they have enough defense and running game to make the playoffs? Record Predictions 2.0

The Packers passing game has never been the problem.  Their weaknesses were on defense and the running game.  They were able to land a RB in the draft that many, including me, thought was the best talent available.

Have they done enough to make a run this year?  This is my second pass through my database predicting every teams record.  

Here's where I have every team this season.

AFC East
Patriots 12
Dolphins 7 
Jets 3 
Bills 1 

AFC North
Ravens 11 
Bengals 11 
Steelers 12 
Browns 2

AFC South
Texans 11 
Colts 7 
Titans 7 
Jaguars 1

AFC West
Broncos 11
Chargers 4
Raiders 3
Chiefs 12

NFC East
Redskins 6 
Giants 10 
Cowboys 8 
Eagles 8 

NFC North
Packers 11
Vikings 6 
Bears 11 
Lions 10 

NFC South
Falcons 11 
Panthers 5
Saints 11 
Buccaneers 6 

NFC West
49ers 14
Seahawks 12
Rams 4
Cardinals 8

AFC Playoffs – Patriots, Steelers, Texans, Chiefs.  WC - Broncos and Ravens
AFC Championship – Chiefs vs Broncos

NFC Playoffs – Giants, Packers, Falcons, 49ers.  WC - Seahawks and Saints
NFC Championship - Seahawks vs Packers

Super Bowl - Packers over Broncos

Let me know your thoughts


Scott King


  1. ...not so fast...let's see how the roster comes together...some interesting decisions across the board...Tramon Williams has not come close to earning his salary in 3 years...Could he be cut...Sherrod may be cut...Wilson may be cut...Lang is not a lock at right guard...D-Smith is average, at best, and could be beat-out by one of the other 2 'back-ups'...Alex Green and Starks could be released...Harrell could be cut...Kuhn may be cut...TE will be interesting who makes the roster...will we have a new, more dependable kicker? Crosby was dead last in 2012...WR? After the big three...who will be the next three?...Questions at LB...who will make the grade?...Will Manning and Perry step-up to the plate? Is Datone Jones the 'real deal' on the D-Line? Lastly, can Johnny Jolly come back after a stint in prison and being out of the NFL for 3 years?...I, for one, am pulling for him...Go Pack!

    1. As a lions fan it was hard for me to write. But I like where they are heading. Plus I don't trust Wilson and Kaepernick to come out of the NFC.

  2. I think your right on the money Scott. Except I think New England may have a hard time this season. Brady completed 415 passes last season. Welker, Gronk and Hernandez caught 360 of them. Could be tough for them, even for Brady and Bill B.

  3. Looks Good to me Scott!! Go Pack!!!!

  4. Packers over the Broncos would be sweet...besides the Packers owe the donkeys one anyways!

  5. No way 49ers win 14 games. Read option is way overrated and is more of a gimmick. It gets attempted again and again in the NFL and after the first year, the team employing the read option as a scheme have a very hard time because defenses know to plan for it. Just ask Mike Vick and the Eagles. Or even the overrated Kapernick, who had a much harder time against Atlanta and were beat by the Ravens in the SB. Kapernick is going to have to rely on his arm. His arm is very strong but average in accuracy.

  6. Too much parity in NFL to be that far a win spread...

  7. Highest wins will be-
    Hawks, Packers, Falcons=11
    Chiefs,Bengals and Ravens=10

    Packers upset 9'ers to go on to beat Broncos in the big onw...