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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The NFC West Dominates the FXP Power Rankings 1.0. Do the 49ers or Seahawks come out on top?

The 49ers and Seahawks are among the Super Bowl favorites this year.  I put together my predictions for each teams record.  Fans need to remember that bad teams can end up with better records if they have an easy schedule.  There will be many teams this season that are better than their records.  I expect the Colts and Redskins to be better teams, but have worse records.

Here's my first pass at this seasons power rankings.  How did I do?

Power Rankings

1 49ers
2 Seahawks
3 Packers
4 Saints
5 Falcons
6 Texans
7 Broncos
8 Bears
9 Patriots
10 Steelers
11 Chiefs
12 Ravens
13 Giants
14 Bengals
15 Lions
16 Cowboys
17 Colts
18 Dolphins
19 Eagles
20 Redskins
21 Titans
22 Vikings
23 Panthers
24 Cardinals
25 Buccaneers
26 Chargers
27 Rams
28 Raiders
29 Jets
30 Browns
31 Bills
32 Jaguars

Scott King


  1. Well, you spelled "west" incorrectly so I am guessing that there are many other mistakes as well.
    GO HAWKS!!!