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Friday, July 12, 2013

The latest Cubs rumors

Coming off of a four game winning streak, rumors are beginning to take shape for the Cubs. Matt Garza, who is one of the top pitchers expected to be traded away before the end of the month, has been joined on the trading block by relief pitcher Kevin Gregg and outfielder Alfonso Soriano. Gregg and Soriano, both experienced veterans, have impressed many GMs around the league, especially on the hot streak the Cubs have been on. Soriano has hit 5 homers in his last seven games, reviving rumors that he might be dealt to a team in need of a right handed hitter. The Rangers, who might lose outfielder Nelson Cruz because of the biogenesis scandal, are reportedly looking for a solid backup with a strong bat just in case. Soriano had previously been linked to the Rangers, and the deal would still make a lot of sense. Gregg, who now has 15 saves to go along with his 1.78 ERA and has been catching a lot of attention around the league.

Due to the way he has been pitching, the Cubs have strongly considered re-signing Garza, as opposed to trading him, and building the pitching staff around him. This does not seem likely though, and most people still expect to see Garza go. After the fiasco that was getting Ryan Dempster to waive his no trade rights last year (he blocked two trades to the White Sox and one to the Braves), the Cubs would like to complete their retooling process and begin developing the talent in their farm system.
GM Jed Hoyer said in a recent interview that the Cubs phone lines have been very busy. "There are a lot of incoming phone calls," he said. “A lot about Matt [Garza], but a lot of them about our other players, too. In general in the game, phone traffic has picked up. I feel like there is a lot of interest in our players. The team is playing well and so are some of our individual players.”

The Cubs have just signed first round pick third-baseman Kris Bryant to a 6.7 million dollar deal, and are also very close to signing 18-year-old Taiwanese pitcher Jen-Ho Tseng. After being unable to sign recent international stars, like outfielderYoenis Cespedes of the A’s and Dodgers right-hander Hyun-JinRyu, the Cubs are eagerly in pursuit of Tseng and have shown strong interest in Cuban pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez, whom many believe has all-star potential. If the Cubs were to sign him, it would free them up to trade starter Jeff Samardzijaand have Gonzalez around when Bryant, as well as other exciting prospects, like Jorge Soler and Javier Baez begin to make the major leagues.

Jacob Diaz


  1. I thought that samardzija had a no trade contract

  2. The trick in rebuilding the Cubs is just like the old saying: "Know when to hold them and know when to fold them." At some point you really have to decide if a player is part of your rebuilding scheme or if they are just a trading chip. If you are going to build a winning organization, you will have to decide when to stop trading away your best performers. So far, the Cub brain trust must think that they are not close to actually fielding a winning team.