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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Bills should not be so quick to undervalue the most underrated safety in the NFL

Monday came and went as the Buffalo Bills and FS Jarius Byrd were not able to reach a long term Deal before the NFLs 4:00 PM Est. deadline. My understanding of Buffalo's reasons for holding back on giving Byrd big bucks and granting his wish of a long term deal, are questions Buffalo has about his ability to play at a consistently high level for a an extended period of time, to confirm or debunk Buffalo's worries of Byrd's consistency, I decided to take a look back at Byrd's last 4 years in the league, to make a very educated guess on what we can expect from Byrd this year as he plays under his 1 year tag.

08-09, Byrd's rookie year, was breakout to say the least, recording
9 interceptions and 33 Total tackles, and topping his rookie year off with a trip to the Pro Bowl.

09-10, Byrd's sophomore campaign, left a WHOLE lot be desired recording only 1 interception although the 29 tackle jump(going from 33 to 62) showed some sort consistency in his game, his play making ability was in serious question.

10-11, Byrd's 3rd year in the league, proved as a olid year for him, although nothing like his breakout rookie campaign. Byrd recorded a very solid 75 tackles and 3 interceptions, Byrd's tackles again jumping and snatching 2 more picks that year.

11-12, Byrd's latest year, showed even more promise of not just his consistency, but his ability to improve and possibly have another year similar to his rookie campaign, recording 5 interceptions(2 better than last year) and although dropping, his 53 tackles still proved solid.

So after careful evaluation of all 4 years,and studying the defenses around Byrd for those 4 years on a scale from 1-10 I would rate Byrd's importance to the team as a 7, in other words, you can barley afford to loose him, not getting a long term deal signed with him should make bills fans slightly nervous, however I do understand why Buffalo is handling Byrd this way, in my opinion they're considering this a make or break year for Byrd. At the end of the day if Byrd has a 50/50 year your still signing him to a long term deal but I do agree with the great Warren Sapp "If Byrd wants his money go out and prove you deserve it."


John Syders 

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