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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Bad News Raiders

While perusing the training camp roster of the new look Oakland Raiders there were moments of thinking "Wait a minute they might have something here". But at further dissection the names get more unheard of. Then it hit me... This team of either the unproven or the nameless brings to mind another familiar team from the past that had no chance at success and were thought of as a joke by every one else  in their league. Lets just say their owner was "Chico Bail Bonds".

You literally could cast this team right from the movie.

Buttermaker of course is Reggie Mackenzie(sorry Dennis). The one that truly has the ability to, giving some effort and dropping a few beers,  turn this team in the right direction.

Dennis Allen is the perfect Ogilvie/Rudi Stein(I swear they were the same kid) He carries the clipboard, computes stats, and takes one in the gut for the team at the podium.

Naturally Kelly Leak, the best player, is Darren McFadden. When he cares, he's the best player in the entire league and can hit home runs at will.

Matt Flynn, with all due respect, is Amanda. The team was missing the most important piece when she arrived and that suddenly gave them the confidence they needed to believe in themselves.

Tanner Boyle(always my favorite) the rough and tough firecracker is Lamaar Houston. He's the emotional inspiration and I do recall seeing him take on the entire Cincinnati Bengals last November.

Ahmad Abdul is  Denarious Moore. Athletic with great ability, he just needs to believe he can and he will.

Engleberg is Jared Valdeer. The tough fat kid that will not back down from any challenge.

The Aguilar brothers are every rookie on this team. We don't know what to expect.

And finally Lupus.
Lupus is... The Raider Fans. They feel they are a part of this franchise though they don't directly participate but their presence can make a difference and who knows maybe they make the winning catch someday.

The future is bright if you have belief. Maybe this team of unproven and cast offs has a shot against the Yankees in the North Valley High league. By the way their coach who tells his son to hit  Engleberg at the end, is Payton Manning (god I hate that guy). Just Kidding. 

Ed Vanwaes 

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