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Friday, July 26, 2013

Simply put, the Browns offense is terrible. The biggest questions for each team as camps open.

I was trying to find a good way to summarize the Browns offense and I decided to go with terrible.  Bradon Weeden is not a NFL QB and they lack talent at WR.  If TR can't stay healthy at running back this year he's going to end up as the next DMC.

Here's a look at each teams biggest questions:

AFC East

Patriots - How will Brady respond with all new skill position players
Dolphins - What impact does Wallace have on Tannehill's development
Bills - Do the Bills finally have a QB in EJ Manual
Jets - The question of Sanchez vs Geno does not matter, they need an offensive line and WRs that can catch.

AFC North

Ravens - How will defense respond without Lewis and Reed
Browns - Can they generate any offense?  When is the Weeden experiment over and when does TR become DMC?
Bengals - Do the Bengals have enough weapons to jump over Balt and Pitt in the division
Steelers - How will the offense respond with some familiar faces gone, who steps up.

AFC South

Colts - Does Luck suffer a sophomore slump?  I expect them to get better but have fewer wins.
Titans - Is this Lockers last season?  Does CJ rebound or is his career over?
Jax - What are they doing in Jacksonville? 
Texans - Is this the year the window closes in Houston?  Foster and Johnson aren't getting younger.

AFC West

Chiefs - Can Reid and Smith lead KC to the division title.
Broncos - How does Wes Welker integrate into a Peyton Manning offense.
Raiders - Flynn, Pryor or Wilson....does it even matter.
Chargers - Is the Rivers era coming to a close?  Will he be remembered for lost potential?

NFC East

Redskins - Does RG3 recover fully and play a full season..... and can he remain healthy.
Eagles - What does Chip Kelly do in the NFL and who is his QB.
Dallas - Will Romo's new contract and role in planning the offense make a difference.
Giants - Will the Defense return to championship form.

NFC North

Lions - Forget the defense, what about three new starters on the offensive line.  
Bears - Will the new coach bring an offensive explosion for Cutler.
Packers - Do they have enough defense and running game to make it to New York.
Vikings - How does AP defy the odds coming off of a 2,000yd season.

NFC South

Saints - Will Sean Payton's return put the Saints back in a SB run.
Bucs - Has Revis fully recovered from his knee injury.
Panthers - Will the new offense help or hurt Newton.
Falcons - Do the Falcons take the next step and play for the SB this year.

NFC West

49ers - Even with the loss of Crabtree, is this a better offense than last year.
Seahawks - Can Harvin help Wilson avoid a sophomore slump.
Rams - Is this Bradford's last year to prove he's a NFL QB.
Cards - Palmer gives them something at QB, they had nothing last year.

I know I listed more than one for some teams and made some statements instead of questions.....but did I miss any major ones?

Scott King

1 comment:

  1. Already starting with your Detroit bias and Browns hate huh Scott? Browns will surprise many this season. Shurmer was a restrictor plate on the offense last year, the most terrible coach in Browns history.